Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Retro Biker Chic

I am totally excited because the weather is nice and cool. And that will mean that I could finally ride my bike!

I love feeling the cool wind on my face when I am riding my bike.

I believe that a girl should always look presentable no matter where she goes. When I go for a ride I always wear my sun glasses. Being that I live in Florida, it is very sunny and bright here. Also I love pulling my hair away from my face, so that way I could see where I am going. Here I am wearing a purplish and green scarf. I love these black sunglasses, there are so Jackie O.

I can't wait to start riding my three wheel bike. Oh, you thought that I was talking about riding a motorcycle. Oh no, I don't ride motorcycles. I like having safe fun, thanks.

I still like being called Retro Biker Chic, though.



Monday, September 28, 2009

Cat Eyes, Baby!

Meow, I just love cat eye frames! Cat Eye glasses is a must have for any retro wardrobe. Cat Eye glasses are for me the most alluring of all glasses. Think of that librarian that doesn't seem to know anything about fashion. She loves to wear conservative clothing, comfortable pumps and a scarf around her neck. But then there was that one item that stand out, it was her cat eye glasses. You thought she was only book smart. Then you noticed that all of this time she knew how to dress fashionably. And that her wearing cat eye glasses was all the sparkle she needed, nothing more, nothing less.

These black pair of glasses are perfect for that smart and yet sassy girl!

These pretty gold ones reminded me of Lisa Loeb's cat eye glasses.

Are you the daring type of gal? These rhinestones glasses will be the one for you!

Have a great week!



Friday, September 25, 2009

My Face Routine

For my everyday beauty routine I take special notice of my face. I can't afford to go out without putting on my basic beauty essentials, and not especially in the hot Florida days.

Many years ago I used to sun bathe. We grew up always going to a pool or the beach. Until my late 20's I realized that I was starting to have sun spots. For me, I thought it was kind of nice to have some freckles. And after being out in the sun I loved how my skin had that sun skin glow.

In my early 30's and mid 30's I still had a healthy skin. And even though, I started to noticed some lines of expression, it wasn't a real deal for me.

But later things started to change. After many years of having a smooth complexion, I had started to noticed on my face, the all dreaded, ,every girls nightmare, the all enemy of skin, "The Wrinkle."

This bad wrinkle is right on my forehead, the perfect place for anybody to notice it. Technically speaking this thing is called "A Mr. Frown." The weird part of my frown was how it got there, which I am still trying to figure out.

Several years I had the worst case of Gastritis. Every time I had this stomach pain my whole skin would get dry and wrinkly jut like a prune. That was when I first started to noticed Mr. Frown. After my health improved and my skin improved, I thought for sure that Mr. Frown would to.

Well, unfortunately that wasnt the case. Mr. Frown decided to stay in town, right on my face. I couldn't this time ignore my skin. This time I had to take action! I had to regain my face again.

I am a very sensitive girl. So I can't use any kind of cream, especially if they have strong chemicals. I had used some cold creams before, which worked fine in making my skin smooth like a babies bottom. Though this time, I needed something more effective, stronger and yet safe for my sensitve skin.

I am excited to say that I found a great product that I am very happy with! The name is Liiv Botanicals Face Serum, from Avon. As you already know I started to sell Avon several months ago. So when I learned about this natural serum that helps to minimize frowns and lines of expressions, I couldn't wait try it right away.

It has been a month that I started using Liiv Botanicals Face Serum, and I have to say I am 100% pleased with it! Little by little, I have noticed a great improvement on my face. There are days that Mr. Frown is hardly noticeable and there are days that he doesn't show up at all! In addition I had had a brown spot for more than a year, and it is almost gone! This product lived up to it's promise! I am a happy Avon representative and customer!

Go Avon!

Have a great weekend!



You are welcome to visit my Avon page anytime: Your Avon Lady

Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Interview with Regina Ann Moscrop

One of the many perks that I love about interviewing my guests is that we get to find out how they manage their personal lives and their work life. Have you heard of the Bear Flag Republic store? Well this retro store is owned by the lovely Regina Ann. She was such an inspiration to all the women that dream in having a their own successful business. Not only that but Regina is also a designer of these cute vintage inspired shoes, which are highly used for dancing because of their comfort and great style.

Here I present part of our interview:

“I really like modern kitchen appliances. Love the microwave and crock pot. However, I do hold old fashion values”.

Owner of Bear Flag Republic and Designer of BFR retro shoes, Regina lives on a 20 acre ranch with her husband and their two children . She loves Marlena Dietrich, vintage hats and the Cicada Club in Los Angeles.

Regina decided to start her business when a friend of hers was getting married on the Queen Mary and it was a period wedding. “ I had the hardest time finding vintage clothes to fit my larger hips. The 40's women were much thinner and less hippy.” The groom for this wedding was a musician so they wanted to get him a radio/CD player that looked vintage but had all the modern elements. But instead it turned into a treasure hunt that ended with them buying antique dishes...

You can read more of Regina Ann's interview at:

Time Warp Wives




Monday, September 21, 2009

My Dream Sofa!

I found the vintage sofa of my dreams! Nope, I haven't bought this vintage sectional sofa. I wish! I happened to be window shopping at Etsy when I spotted her. I couldn't wait to share this great vintage find with you!

What I first love about this sofa it's the style. The curvy lines makes her look sophisticated. The second thing that I love about this sofa is the beautiful floral pattern. The colors are also a plus for me, because I already have those same colors through out my house. Isn't that round table cute? I just love it!

Another plus is that this sofa comes with a built-in side table. Isn't that super cleaver! As an almost interior decorator, I see so much potential with this great sectional. Depending on your living room arrangement you can pretty much place these sectional together side by side. Or you can even have it facing each other. I love this sofa flexibility!

What do I love about this sofa? Well, everything!

The best part of having a sectional like this is that it would be perfect for a party! It would be swell to even have a 50's or 60's party with this vintage sofa!

For now, I will be adding her to my wish list.

Perhaps one of these days a lovely old lady neighbor will want to give away her well preserved vintage sectional to me. And I will promise my neighbor that I will keep the plastic on.

Did anyone watched the Oprah Show about the 60's? I totally missed it! If you happen to know where I can watch it online, will you be so kind to let me know? I surely will appreciate it!




Sunday, September 20, 2009

Simple Living

What little girl haven't dreamt of living in a castle? Every little girl wanted to be Cinderella, to find that prince charming, that by the way had a lot of money, and to live happy ever after in a huge castle. I for one was also that little girl that dreamed big!

I love visiting castles! I think that they are fascinating, elegant and HUGE! Castles are hugemongus. You would have to have a "Where am I" map just to find the ladies restroom. Yes, eventhough I love castles, If I was given one, I would turn down the offer.

Don't get me wrong, castles are dreamy! They bring us back to the times of Kings and Queens and horses and gardens, and a lot of toilets to clean, if there were any. I have to admit that the first thing that comes to mind when I see a castle is, " What a lovely musuem this is, good thing I don't have clean this place."

For me a castle is not really a "home". My concept of a home is cozy, comfortable and unpretentious place. The same goes to big houses or mansions. Some of these places have ten bedrooms, six bathrooms and a four car garage. Unless you had multiples and you have your own t.v. show, there is no need to get a house with that many rooms!

I think that the reality of the matter is that we don't need to reach for that castle, have a lot of money to be truly happy. And if we come to think of it, are the people living in these big mansions any more happier than the regular folks? On the contrary the saddest and unhappiest people are all alone in their big houses. Money can't buy happiness!

I for one would love to live in a cottage, somewhere where I can grow my own vegetable garden, and watch butterflies and little animals coming to my door... come to think of it, I ended up being more like Snowhite instead of Cinderella.

I am so greatfull that I have a great and loving marriage, drive an old car, live in a tiny home, live a simple spiritual life, things that which have made my life happy and truly rich!



Photos: Creative Commons

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday Sweetness!

After a busy crazy week it was time for me to kick back and relax. And what more than enjoying a sweet treat to start the weekend off! I told my hubby that I was craving for a sweet soft cake. The first thing that came to mind was my favorite Spanish cake called " Tres Leches".

I usually buy this cake from one of my favorite Cuban restaurant "Pollo Tropical". I have made Tres leches before, which is not that difficult to make. I usually first bake a plain vanilla cake. After the cake is ready and out of the oven, I start adding three ingredients: milk, condensed milk, and evaporated milk. Is like giving the cake a milk bath. Tip: You want the cake to be soaked enough, though keeping some of the cakes consistency.

The Tres Leches that I buy comes with a layer of wipe cream and a cherry. If you have a sweet tooth this cake will be one of your favorites. Mind you, sometimes the cake comes a bit too sweet. It all depends where you buy it. Here I am displaying my cake on a white and black design plates that I bought from Target several years ago. Doesn't this setting look delicious?

This Friday I ate my Tres Leches while watching my favorite t.v. show Monk.

It was so nice to spend time with my hubby and enjoying a Friday full of sweetness!



Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Makeup Bag

Lately, I have been waking up very early in the morning, which I am not use to. I have never been a morning person. Like a flower that is slowly opening it's petal, I slowly get myself out of the bed, shower, drink my smoothie, and put on my outfit and shoes and I am out the door.

So because I have become a girl on the run, I haven't had time to properly do my beauty routine, which includes applying my facial cream, sunblock, and makeup in front of my vanity. So yes, I have been applying my makeup in the car, which I am not crazy about. The problem though was that is that my old makeup case was not big enough. The solution: I bought this cute mod style Lancome makeup bag, which I totally love!

This fancy makeup bag comes with two compartments. The compartment where is made out of a transparent material is where I have my eye, blush, foundation and makeup powder. The other compartment is made out of a netted material, there I have my brushes, and my two smaller makeup case where I have my lipstick, pencils, mascara and liquid eye liner.

My Lancome bag also came with it's own signature mini makeup bag, isn't it super chic?

With my new makeup bag I feel so organized!



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mad Modness!

Lately I have been into the 60's look. I have always loved Jackie Kennedy's timeless look. Now that fall weather is on it's way, I am totally looking forward to wearing some of my streamline dresses and making it look sixties.

Theses dresses from Mod Cloth are great inspiration for the sixties look. If you study the lines and cut of these dresses you will find that they have a basic pattern.

First, they either have little or no material to cover the shoulders. Second, the waist is accentuated or slightly accentuated.

Third, mod dresses are not long. I prefer that the dress hit below my knees. And last but not least, the mod dress is mostly made of structure material, which gives it that perfect tailored look!

I am so sixtites inspired!

See you later!



Monday, September 14, 2009

Shopping Therapy

I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I found these cute retro shoes! Here I was this Friday morning going for some shopping therapy to my favorite thrift store. I was going through a crummy week. So when Friday arrived I wanted to clear my head a bit. For the past several months I have been looking for a decent pair of black shoes. That day I wasn't expecting that I was going to find shoes that I would love and that it would be around my size.

Here I was casually walking on the shoe aisle, and drooling over shoes that I can't wear, when I spotted a pair of black shoes. This pair of shoes was two size bigger, but they looked narrow. So when I tried them they fit pretty nice. I love how these shoes style was, and they look pretty sophisticated. So I decided to take them, when the incredible happened.

A few feet away, no pun intended, is when I saw these pretty Mary Jane black shoes! At first I said to myself, "I don't think there are my size, there are too pretty to be my size, and plus what are the odds for me to find a second shoe that fit me?" That day I wasn't feeling that optimistic, I couldn't help it, I was having a bad week. The reason why I needed that shopping therapy!

What do I love about these shoes? Everything! Let's first start with the retro style. They are so retro chic! I love that the shoes are not completely black. The ivory color curvy edge and the detail in the back of the shoes adds that feminine touch to these shoes. These shoes are so comfortable to wear, perfect for a long day. Oh, I have to add that these shoes are made by Kenneth Cole, and that they are called Reaction, I should called it a positive reaction!

By the end of the the day after my shopping therapy, I felt better. I was able to clear my head. I regained my thoughts again. I felt that even though life can be crazy sometimes, that there is a little thing called hope. That even though I can't expect everything or anything in life, I can still try to be optimistic and accept that little something that comes my way.

I can just imagine myself driving a black scooter on the streets of Paris and looking retro chic, and wearing my new pair of shoes!

It's great to day-dream again!



Thursday, September 10, 2009

Let's Go To The Movies!

Every time I see these "Dancing Snacks Metal Signs", it reminds me of when Danny was left behind in the Drive-Inn. These dancing snacks were the best part of the drive-in and movie theater experience. Add these retro Dancing Pop Corn, Soda, and Hot Dog Metal Signs to your restaurant, kitchen or home theater, and your place will look swell!

And if you would like to add a more three dimensional look to your kitchen, you are going to love the following retro food appliances for your movie nite!

Modeled after the antique popcorn carts of the early 1900s, the Nostalgia Electrics Old Fashioned Movie Time 60" Popcorn Cart makes delicious popcorn, perfect for your family night. A vintage look cart with large a storage compartment, it sets the stage for fun get-togethers or movie time.

No need to wait for the state fair to enjoy a refreshing snow cone thanks to this easy-to-use snow-cone machine. The countertop appliance uses regular-size ice cubes, and its durable stainless-steel blades quickly transform ice into fluffy snow. Add any flavored syrup for a snow cone, or experiment with other fun combinations--a soda pop for a slushy drink, yogurt or fruit for snow smoothies, and more.

This Carnival Cotton Candy Maker is modeled after the Antique Cotton Candy Carts of the early 1900's. Easy, safe, and fun for the entire family. Simply pour the sugar mixture into the top, turn the unit on, and instantly make fresh carnival-style cotton candy right in your own home.

The hot-dog roller features five nonstick rollers that rotate continuously, plus a convenient built-in bun warmer in its canopy top. Its retro style brings back memories of classic diners, ball games, and family gatherings, and the removable rollers, grill, and drip tray make cleanup a snap.

Have a fun movie nite!



Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fashion Swap Party!

This past weekend, I attended a Fashion Swap Party, and I had a fabulous time! Besides the lovely clothes and the goodies that I brought back, I was able to be spend time with a dear friend that I haven't seen in years! My friend and I go back many years ago when we both lived in Miami Beach in the early 90's. It was wonderful to reminiscence the good old days.

Well, my friend was the host of the fashion swap party, and I have to say she did a great job being a host and organizing the event. My friend opened up her home for the event. And invited her friends from different areas, that way we didn't end up with an outfit that our close circle of friends own, so in other words you are getting clothes that you have never seen or borrowed. What a great idea, don't you think?

Here is a short list of what my friend and her guest did:

1- Send an invitation with an RSVP.

2- We made sure to RSVP.

3- We went through our closet, boxes and bags to look for those clothes that we no longer wear or fit in.

4- In the day of the party we brought a dish, dessert or beverages. I brought a carrot cake and a red velvet cake. And of course I brought a bag full of clothes.

5- My friend had a metal clothes hanger and several tables to display clothes, jewelry, purses, shoes, etc. Her place was transformed into a boutique!

6- Then the fun started when the ladies started to go shopping (ransacking the place)!

What a way to meet and spend time with friends while shopping for clothes, for free!

I can't wait to start planning my own fashion swap party!



P.S. Several months ago at my Time Warp Wives fashion page I posted the article Organizing a Fashion Swap Party. This article has great ideas for your next swap party!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Vanity Accesories

I went window shopping today at my favorite Victorian Trading Co, online shop and I came across these lovely accessories for my vanity. I know that you too will be inspired by these timeless items.

I have always thought to start a perfume atomizer collection. I think that using a perfume atomizer is so retrochic and elegant, don't you think? I think every girl should have a least a perfume atomizer on her vanity!

Details: Perfume Atomizer Bottle, Trinket Box, Cosmetic Brush. Glistening crystals are meticulously hand set upon an enameled ensemble intended for primping. Atomizer 4½". Box 3". Brush 6".

I know that these pocket watches are not your usual vanity accessories decor. Though if you observe closely these are actually pocket watch that contain solid perfume, spectacular I might say! And the great thing about these is that you can carry your pocket watch perfume whenever you go out, is like bringing a piece of your vanity with you.

Details: Solid Perfume in a Pocket Watch. Purse-friendly. Replica timepieces harbour soy and maple wax infused with pure plant and flower essence. The creamy emollient will endure when applied to the pulse points. 2". Gift boxed.

Now no girl can't live without her brush and mirror. These silver plated vanity brush, comb and mirror, are a classic! You probably own a vintage mirror or brush that have lost their charm, whether be that the silver has peeled off or because of rust. Well, these vanity items are brand new that you will be able to use, without worrying of getting it worn out!

Details: Brush, Comb & Mirror. Our cherished antique set was cast in wax thereby preserving every intricate petal on the plump chrysanthemums and ensuring that such a lovely dresser set could be enjoyed by others. Silverplated brass. Mirror 9 in. Comb 7 in. Brush 8 in.

Enjoy your day!



Friday, September 04, 2009

Pretty in Pearls

Regardless of what is in fashion, pearls will never go out of style. I think every girl should own a pair of pearl earrings and a pearl necklace. A set of pearlies, completes any girl outfit.

Here I am posing with a one of my favorites red dress and wearing my pearls. Sometimes it is kind of hard to see what outfit work with pearls. But you will be amazed how pearls works well with most outfits. You can't go wrong when wearing pearls!

Today I pampered my self. I took a long refreshing shower. I then set my hair with curlers. While I was waiting my hair to dry, I started working on my makeup. One of the videos tutorials that I have on Time Warp Wives showed how to make curvy lips. And if it worked for Marilyn, it could work for anyone!

Red have always been one of my favorite colors. I think I look great in this red dress and wearing my pearls, don't you think?

I totally feel pretty in pearls!

Have a great weekend!



Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hanging Out With The Girls

September is here and school is in session. Here I present to you "Hanging Out With The Girls" from my Bohemian Girl Collection. After school Abby will be hanging out with the girls for some fun time at the soda place. This simple and yet cute collage concept reminded me of my high school years, when after studying very hard I had some fun time with my school friends.

As you have noticed Abby is wearing her signature Flapper hat with her flower, which matches lovely with her retro outfit. In addition because she is attending school she is also wearing her glasses. So she not only looks smart, but she also looks very fashionable.

You can purchase my cute "Hanging Out With the Girls" T-Shirt at my Bohemian Girl Shop.

You are welcome to visit my Bohemian Girl Collection designs at my online store.

And for all of you students out there, have a fun school year!


The Retrochic Corner

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Retro Dresses Sale!

I totally love sales! I couldn't just keep these sales to myself. So I wanted to share with you my dear retrochic readers my favorite dresses that are on sale!

Every gal should have in her closet a little black dress. The Bijiou black dress from Ec Star is on sale now for $40! This dress has a sophisticated embroidered detail, definitely not the ordinary little black dress. I could see myself wearing this dress with my black gloves for an evening night out to an Opera!

I think that all the gals agree that this Brittney from Bettie Page is so cute! This dress is going for sale right now for $40. This lovely girlie little number accented with lace on the hem and down the front, a full skirt and of course, made with a stretch bengaline fabric, is perfect for that retro party!

When I saw the Lulu dress from All-Mighty Clothing for sale for $30.80, I almost flipped! This perfectly fitted mod dress has brown and cream diamond shape background pattern, which is sooo sixties! The blue and yellow buttons add dimension to this retro look.

Now I am all inspired to go shopping!

Have a great week!



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