Monday, September 07, 2009

Vanity Accesories

I went window shopping today at my favorite Victorian Trading Co, online shop and I came across these lovely accessories for my vanity. I know that you too will be inspired by these timeless items.

I have always thought to start a perfume atomizer collection. I think that using a perfume atomizer is so retrochic and elegant, don't you think? I think every girl should have a least a perfume atomizer on her vanity!

Details: Perfume Atomizer Bottle, Trinket Box, Cosmetic Brush. Glistening crystals are meticulously hand set upon an enameled ensemble intended for primping. Atomizer 4½". Box 3". Brush 6".

I know that these pocket watches are not your usual vanity accessories decor. Though if you observe closely these are actually pocket watch that contain solid perfume, spectacular I might say! And the great thing about these is that you can carry your pocket watch perfume whenever you go out, is like bringing a piece of your vanity with you.

Details: Solid Perfume in a Pocket Watch. Purse-friendly. Replica timepieces harbour soy and maple wax infused with pure plant and flower essence. The creamy emollient will endure when applied to the pulse points. 2". Gift boxed.

Now no girl can't live without her brush and mirror. These silver plated vanity brush, comb and mirror, are a classic! You probably own a vintage mirror or brush that have lost their charm, whether be that the silver has peeled off or because of rust. Well, these vanity items are brand new that you will be able to use, without worrying of getting it worn out!

Details: Brush, Comb & Mirror. Our cherished antique set was cast in wax thereby preserving every intricate petal on the plump chrysanthemums and ensuring that such a lovely dresser set could be enjoyed by others. Silverplated brass. Mirror 9 in. Comb 7 in. Brush 8 in.

Enjoy your day!




Ms. B said...

So many pretty things! I've always enjoyed what that company has to offer!!

Carmen Johnson said...

Hello Ms. B,

Everytime you visit this store you find new treasures! I love visiting this store, even if I just go window shopping!

Thanks for your comment,



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