Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meet Me Tonight

Copyright 2009 Carmen Johnson

I have always love the romantic scene of Paris! So that was why I created my design "Meet Me Tonight". I wanted a couple in this romantic setting with a Paris water fountain as a background. I wanted to create a lovely night ambiance with a ray of moonlight that would fall gently on the water fountain without disturbing the love birds.

Before I had made the water fountain I saw several European water fountains with its statues forms. So I decided to create several women in gowns like they were holding the top part of the fountain.

The couple are featured like being in an old black and white photograph. And to add to the romance, I wanted for the guy to surprise his gal with a red rose. What girl won't be excited to receive a rose from her sweetheart?

My design " Meet Me Tonight," is being featured below in this Jumbo size tote bag! Click the bag to visit my Bohemian Girl Shop!

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All designs are copyrighted by Bohemian Girl Collection.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bows & Pin-Stripes

I have a great issue of a Bazaar Harper magazine that had Victorian girls wearing vertical stockings. I always wanted to see how a pair of vertical stockings would look on me. So I was excited when I received my stockings by mail, I just couldn't wait to try them right away!

As a petite woman, I am always trying to add some inches, either by wearing heels or a tall hairdo.

So when I first tried on my new pin-stripe stockings, I totally loved the effect! My legs looked lean and tall!

One of my favorite part of my pin-stripe stockings and my shoes are the satin bows! Aren't these cute? So Parisian!

My whole ensemble!

*Black dress ~ JCrew.
*Pin-stripe stockings~ Sock Dreams.
*Black & White t-strap shoes~ Newport.



Friday, June 26, 2009

An Interview with Stephanie Strowbridge!

The interview that I had with Stephanie was exciting for me for two reasons. First, I was so thrilled to interview such a talented woman that specializes in retro hairdo's! And second, this was the commencement of my Retro Reporting career!

Here in The Retrochic Corner, I will be featuring every month an interview
that I am sure will inspire you!


“I would describe myself as a Timewarpian. I definitely stick out like a sore thumb! But that is OK with me!”

Stephanie Strowbridge specializes in hair styles from 1930's-1960's. Besides being a part-time hairdresser, she is also a busy wife and mother. Stephanie is a huge fan of Vincent Price, she loves watching classic movies, and almost always wears a scarf.

Read more of Stephanie's interview

at: Time Warp Wives!

See you next week!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vintage Inspired Photography!

These vintage inspired photographs are from my latest favorite website store, Sadie Olive. This online vintage inspired store is so delightful, that it's like visiting a European boutique!

Sadie Olive is not only a vintage and vintage inspired boutique. But they also provide web and blog designs and professional photography services. It is certainly an all stop place for all you vintage lovers!

Aren't these photographs so lovely?

I am totally inspired!

By the way most of the items in these pictures are ready for purchasing!

Come and visit Sadie Olive shop today!

Pictures provided with permission by Sadie Olive.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bohemian Girl Coffee Mugs!

These are my Bohemian Girl Collection Coffee Mugs! The girls represented in my art are wearing their signature flower flapper hats.
What girl doesn't want to look stylish?

Now you can enjoy that delicious morning cup of coffee or that soothing evening green tea, with style!

This mug has my Bohemian Girl Collection logo signature design. This sleek design is an inspiration from my love of retro pop art. So chic isn't it?

Here are "All The Girls", from my International BG Collection design. It is nice to see that a retro girl comes in different hairdos and colors!

Step into my Bohemian Girl Collection shop,
to visit and purchase these chic mugs!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pigtails with a French Twist!

My hair is a bit long right now for this hot Summer weather. So what do I do to remedy this? Pigtails! I know that I am past the pigtails age. Though being that I love retro hairdo's, I wanted to give my pigtails a more sophisticated look. And I think I made it work!

What I did was that I first parted my hair on the side.

Then I got my bangs into a half high french twist. To keep it in place, I used bobby pins.

I then section my right and left hair towards behind my ears, and made two evenly pigtails.

And viola, you get a retro pigtails hairdo with a French twist!

What a great Summer hairdo!

I am loving it!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Melting For an Ice Cream

I don't know about you, but it is hot here in Florida! Today I am totally melting for an ice cream. I am so happy that somebody came up with such a delicious idea! I just love the smooth feel of an ice cream going down my throat on a hot day like today.

And you know what I would add to that ice cream to make it perfect? A trip to Europe. Just imagine walking through Paris, Italy, Amsterdam, Spain, while having a frozen ice cream! That would be so dreamy...

Hers & His Neapolitan Ice cream . I have a husband that loves me so dearly. But when it comes to ice cream he want his own . And I wouldn't mine to also enjoy my own three scoops of Neapolitan ice cream. There are some things that are best enjoyed individually, yet together.

I think that this might be a pistachio ice cream. No matter how much ice cream you have eaten, the best part of an ice cream is that last little bit left. Good to the end!

So this is me having a chocolate cone ice cream. Not! I wish that that could be me! I love chocolate, and chocolate ice cream is my favorite, though I could just eat little bits of it. You remember that part from the Willy Wonka movie, when the little boy fell on that chocolate pool? I wish that I had a chocolate pool in my house. The only problem that I would have is to try to keep the flies away.

Your tour of the Tower of Pisa would be more memorable, when you enjoy it with a couple of scoops of ice cream. Warning: For your safety and that of other visitors. We recommend for you not to eat pasta, pizza and that gelato before you take our tour. If you have eaten one or all of these food mentioned, we prefer that you come back tomorrow on an empty stomach. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please, don't jump in that water! You will ruin that great hand carved vanilla ice cream. You will feel better when you do taste that ice cream. Life will be so much sweeter. So, if you don't mind, may I have your ice cream if you decide to take a dip in this chocolate pool? I promise that I will enjoy every bit of it.

I love a cool & tasty Summer!

Photos: Creative Commons Flickr

Friday, June 19, 2009

Updating My Caboodle

The other day as I was applying my makeup, I couldn't find my lipstick pencil and my eye brush. I threw a "Miss Piggy" fit as I dug through my makeup bag looking for these lost items. And what made things worst, was that I was running late for my evening appointment! After that incident, I knew that it was time to replace my old makeup bag.

few weeks ago as I was shopping for some skin care. I was suddenly mesmerize by these lovely makeup cases. You see back many years ago when the famous "Caboodles" makeup cases came out, I like any other girl bought one for myself. My Caboodle has round corners, it's purple, and made out of plastic. Back then it served it's purpose as it fitted well with my age.

ow that I am a more sophisticated woman that is approaching a more mature age. I think that it's about time for me to get a makeup case that fits my glamours needs. At the same time, I wanted to find a makeup case that would still be stylish. It doesn't mean because I am older that I have to buy a brown-boring-grandma-looking makeup case. Wouldn't you agree?

Now the second step will be to choose the right Caboodle for me. Also I want to make sure that my Caboodle to-be, would look great in my Paris room. As you have seen in my photo shoots my Paris room main wall colors are golden yellow. Miss Vanity is in light yellow pearl color and my curtains as well as my futon cover are in a light golden green color. My dresser is in black and my wardrobe closet is brown.

Too bad that I can't buy all of these Caboodles. I could use them for organizers! I do need to makeup my mind (no pun intended), as to which of these cases will be coming home with me.

So far, out of all of these Caboodles that are in these pictures, my favorite is the black lacy one! I love lace and black goes with everything. I believe that this one will be with me for many more makeup years to come!

Did I mentioned that I also have to replace my mascara. Oh brother! I am never going to finish replacing everything that needs to be replaced!

Happy Friday!



P.S. As you probably were wondering what I have done with my old purple Caboodle. Well, that is where I perfectly keep my sewing supplies, like my threads and needles.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Classic Beauty!

I wanted to share with you these car pictures that I took when I attended the 2009 Art Deco Festival in South Beach, Florida. I wish that I could tell you exactly what year and model this car is. I can guess that it's a 1950's Buick. All I know, is that this classic beauty would look perfect in my drive through!

Don't you just love a well-made vintage car? They just don't make cars like they use too. The cars back then were not only functional but they had personality. Their designs were sleek, strong, and attractive.

Since the beginning of this year, I have been eying on this old beat up vintage car that is for sale. I know that this vintage car has potential. Though it is going to take a lot of mula and hard work in getting that baby going. Perhaps I can call the guys from "Overhaulin" to give me a hand. Now that will be a swell!

In the meanwhile I added this classic beauty in my wish list.

And continue day dreaming.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Polka-Dots

Here is me in my Paris room and posing with my favorite wrapper polka-dot dress! I think every girl that loves to wear vintage should have a polka-dot dress. I personally love a black dress with white polka-dots. I think it is much more elegant than a white dress with black polka-dots.

The wrapper dress is so versatile and forgiving. No matter if you gain a few pounds here, or there, it will still fit your figure! Also my dress is made out of a silky material with a touch of spandex, which requires no ironing. Perfect for a busy girl!

To add a punch of color to my outfit, I wore my wine satin wrap three-inch heels. Now I am ready to go dancing!

My whole ensemble!

*Black & white polka-dot dress~ Newport News.
*Wine satin wrap shoes~ Bakers.
*Silky black long gloves~ Mall.
*White small pearl earrings~ My parents! So perfect!



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie

I have always been so fascinated with miniature things. I just don't know why. Could it be because I always heard my mom telling me when I was growing up: "Good things comes in small packages?"Or perhaps because I ended up being a petite person that I came to appreciate little things?

Or was it that, I was somehow brainwashed by watching Mr. Rogers? "Is a beautiful day in the neighborhood." Didn't you just love the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. When going through that tiny little town you just could imagine yourself being there.

Aren't these miniature cities super cute? I always wanted to construct my own miniature city. Several years ago I started collecting some miniature furniture. I also had a doll house that I wanted to remodel. Though after a while that hobby kind of fizzled out.

But don't worry though, for all of you miniature enthusiastic out there. I have rekindled my love for little things again! I have to admit though, that my love for miniature things started again thanks to reality shows! Not all reality shows. The shows that I am referring are about little people. And they are: Little People Big World & the new one The Little Couple, from TLC.

So right after I finish writing this post I will be wearing my comfy pajamas and laying down on my comfy couch and turning on to my The Little Couple T.V. show.

I don't know how and why I started my love for little things. Though we all have to admit there is a cuteness about things that are little.

Good nighty nite!

These lovely Photos are by Martin Palmer. Creative Commons Flickr.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Beauty School Dropout

The Pink Ladies.psd 3 copy
This is my Retro Pop Art "Beauty School Dropout" design ! I got the inspiration from the movie "Grease". I always felt embarrassed for Frenchie when her hair turned pink. It seems like the poor girl wasn't fit to become a hair dresser after all. So with that in mind I wanted to draw pink hair dyers from a beauty salon. I repeated the chair to add that Pop Art feel. Though to add interest I used different colors of pink for every chair. I also added a mirror as a backdrop which is another item found in a beauty salon. And that's how my "Beauty School Dropout"was made!

So for all of those girls out there that have ruin their own hair or had others ruin it for them. Make sure to ask for a beauty hair credentials next time you go for a hairdo. Or else "better forget it, who wants their hair done by a slob?"

Here is my "Beauty School Dropout" jumbo tote bag!
Click the bag to visit my Bohemian Girl Shop.

Tips in how to choose the right hair color: Time Warp Wives Beauty

Beauty School Dropout by Carmen Johnson © 2008-2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

Viscaya Museum & Gardens


I give Viscaya five pink roses for being my favorite dreamy place of South Florida. Viscaya is tucked away like a secret Renaissance Italian garden in north Coconut Grove. As you walk in the castle you are welcomed by it's intricate landscapes and gardens. Then as you continue walking the castle sits as a beautiful jewelry box ready to be explore.


As you open the jewelry box you will find an array of exquisite treasure rooms that host furniture, paintings, art pieces from all over Europe, North America and Asia. Every room has it's own unique style and function. Just imagine hosting a banquet party back in the 1920 where your guest can choose to either sit in the tea room or in the music room or just explore the outdoor gardens by the bay. And if some guests decided to stay overnight there were several lovely comfortable rooms to choose from.


Viscaya also can be rented for private parties and photo shoots. Viscaya is so picturesque that it's a perfect backdrop for even the least experienced photographer. You can also enjoy the many concerto events and exhibitions all throughout the year. Group and school tours are welcomed. And one of may favorite perks of Viscaya is that it has it's own café and shop. Their menu includes salads, sandwiches, refreshments and desserts. And while your there you can shop for postcards, books and jewelry. So Retrochic!

Have a fun weekend!



For more information click on the following link: Viscaya Museum

Photographs by Bill Sumner.

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