Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fashion Swap Party!

This past weekend, I attended a Fashion Swap Party, and I had a fabulous time! Besides the lovely clothes and the goodies that I brought back, I was able to be spend time with a dear friend that I haven't seen in years! My friend and I go back many years ago when we both lived in Miami Beach in the early 90's. It was wonderful to reminiscence the good old days.

Well, my friend was the host of the fashion swap party, and I have to say she did a great job being a host and organizing the event. My friend opened up her home for the event. And invited her friends from different areas, that way we didn't end up with an outfit that our close circle of friends own, so in other words you are getting clothes that you have never seen or borrowed. What a great idea, don't you think?

Here is a short list of what my friend and her guest did:

1- Send an invitation with an RSVP.

2- We made sure to RSVP.

3- We went through our closet, boxes and bags to look for those clothes that we no longer wear or fit in.

4- In the day of the party we brought a dish, dessert or beverages. I brought a carrot cake and a red velvet cake. And of course I brought a bag full of clothes.

5- My friend had a metal clothes hanger and several tables to display clothes, jewelry, purses, shoes, etc. Her place was transformed into a boutique!

6- Then the fun started when the ladies started to go shopping (ransacking the place)!

What a way to meet and spend time with friends while shopping for clothes, for free!

I can't wait to start planning my own fashion swap party!



P.S. Several months ago at my Time Warp Wives fashion page I posted the article Organizing a Fashion Swap Party. This article has great ideas for your next swap party!

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