Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mad Modness!

Lately I have been into the 60's look. I have always loved Jackie Kennedy's timeless look. Now that fall weather is on it's way, I am totally looking forward to wearing some of my streamline dresses and making it look sixties.

Theses dresses from Mod Cloth are great inspiration for the sixties look. If you study the lines and cut of these dresses you will find that they have a basic pattern.

First, they either have little or no material to cover the shoulders. Second, the waist is accentuated or slightly accentuated.

Third, mod dresses are not long. I prefer that the dress hit below my knees. And last but not least, the mod dress is mostly made of structure material, which gives it that perfect tailored look!

I am so sixtites inspired!

See you later!




Ms. B said...

The blue one is my favorite!!

Carmen Johnson said...

Ms. B, by the way there is a green color dress like the blue one also. I am totally looking forward to looking for more mod dresses online!

Thanks for your comment,



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