Sunday, September 20, 2009

Simple Living

What little girl haven't dreamt of living in a castle? Every little girl wanted to be Cinderella, to find that prince charming, that by the way had a lot of money, and to live happy ever after in a huge castle. I for one was also that little girl that dreamed big!

I love visiting castles! I think that they are fascinating, elegant and HUGE! Castles are hugemongus. You would have to have a "Where am I" map just to find the ladies restroom. Yes, eventhough I love castles, If I was given one, I would turn down the offer.

Don't get me wrong, castles are dreamy! They bring us back to the times of Kings and Queens and horses and gardens, and a lot of toilets to clean, if there were any. I have to admit that the first thing that comes to mind when I see a castle is, " What a lovely musuem this is, good thing I don't have clean this place."

For me a castle is not really a "home". My concept of a home is cozy, comfortable and unpretentious place. The same goes to big houses or mansions. Some of these places have ten bedrooms, six bathrooms and a four car garage. Unless you had multiples and you have your own t.v. show, there is no need to get a house with that many rooms!

I think that the reality of the matter is that we don't need to reach for that castle, have a lot of money to be truly happy. And if we come to think of it, are the people living in these big mansions any more happier than the regular folks? On the contrary the saddest and unhappiest people are all alone in their big houses. Money can't buy happiness!

I for one would love to live in a cottage, somewhere where I can grow my own vegetable garden, and watch butterflies and little animals coming to my door... come to think of it, I ended up being more like Snowhite instead of Cinderella.

I am so greatfull that I have a great and loving marriage, drive an old car, live in a tiny home, live a simple spiritual life, things that which have made my life happy and truly rich!



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