Monday, September 14, 2009

Shopping Therapy

I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I found these cute retro shoes! Here I was this Friday morning going for some shopping therapy to my favorite thrift store. I was going through a crummy week. So when Friday arrived I wanted to clear my head a bit. For the past several months I have been looking for a decent pair of black shoes. That day I wasn't expecting that I was going to find shoes that I would love and that it would be around my size.

Here I was casually walking on the shoe aisle, and drooling over shoes that I can't wear, when I spotted a pair of black shoes. This pair of shoes was two size bigger, but they looked narrow. So when I tried them they fit pretty nice. I love how these shoes style was, and they look pretty sophisticated. So I decided to take them, when the incredible happened.

A few feet away, no pun intended, is when I saw these pretty Mary Jane black shoes! At first I said to myself, "I don't think there are my size, there are too pretty to be my size, and plus what are the odds for me to find a second shoe that fit me?" That day I wasn't feeling that optimistic, I couldn't help it, I was having a bad week. The reason why I needed that shopping therapy!

What do I love about these shoes? Everything! Let's first start with the retro style. They are so retro chic! I love that the shoes are not completely black. The ivory color curvy edge and the detail in the back of the shoes adds that feminine touch to these shoes. These shoes are so comfortable to wear, perfect for a long day. Oh, I have to add that these shoes are made by Kenneth Cole, and that they are called Reaction, I should called it a positive reaction!

By the end of the the day after my shopping therapy, I felt better. I was able to clear my head. I regained my thoughts again. I felt that even though life can be crazy sometimes, that there is a little thing called hope. That even though I can't expect everything or anything in life, I can still try to be optimistic and accept that little something that comes my way.

I can just imagine myself driving a black scooter on the streets of Paris and looking retro chic, and wearing my new pair of shoes!

It's great to day-dream again!




Ms. B said...

Those are adorable! Great find! I love two tone shoes!!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Like a retro cartoon!

Carmen Johnson said...

Well, thank you Ms.B! By the way your Etsy store and your blog are fantastic!


Carmen Johnson said...

Hello Marzipan,

It's nice to see you again! We miss your creativity. Welcome back!

Thanks your lovely comment.


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