Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why Can't a Woman be More Like a Man?

Many years ago my hubby said that he wanted his own room, a guys room. So when we bought our first house and he got his guy room, he was the happiest hubby in the world! For a male it is very important to have a place to unwind and be themselves, where they don't have to think, or have to analyze things. I have always thought about that a man's brain is like a computer that needed to reboot, so that is can function better.

What about us gals? Why can't we give ourselves permission to unwind? I am not only talking about relaxing in a physically kind of way, but mentally. Do you find yourself going through a "to do list" in your mind, while you and your hubby are having a romantic time together? I know what you mean, you don't have to explain, I have been there! And it is just unacceptable.

Recently I found out the answer to this million dollar question, "Why do women worry too much?"

And the answer is, our brain. Yes, ladies, scientist have recently discovered that the area where the brain registered the worry factor that is much more developed in women than in men. They actually showed a comparison picture of the female and male brain and showed that the female worry factor was the size of a pear, while the male was more like a size of a grape.

Now, and that doesn't stop there. Have you gals find that if you had a argument with your significant other that you stay upset longer even after several hours later when the matter have been resolved?

ladies, there is another scientific explanation for that. The reason why females stay upset longer than their male counterpart is because of chemicals. It seems like the "upset chemical" stays longer in our bodies, than that of a guy. Go figure, no wonder I am such a unhappy worrywart, unlike my happy hubby, who knows how to really relax and have a good time, and say, "Ain't nothing but a thing."

Boy, I am jealous!

This reminds me of the song in the movie of My Fair Lady where professor Higgins sang, "Why can't a woman be more like a man?"

And the answer is, well I supposed that it would be very boring and what would be the fun of that?

So here I am in my Paris room and giving myself permission to unwind.

It's good to once in a while to think like a guy, relax and take it easy and without a care in the world, but then of course somebody have to do the worrying. And I am afraid that that would be me!

Oh, well I can't help it, I am a girl!



Thursday, August 27, 2009

Me and My Butler!

As I promised to my readers here are photos of me and my Butler Bag! So for any that might think of getting this bag, I assure you that you are not going to want to go back to your regular bag. This bag with it's five compartments will not only keep your things in place, you yourself will feel well put together. You will be able to easily find your keys and phone, without digging through your purse. This bag is not only practical, but it is also super chic!

I am so thrilled how my Butler Bag totally complement my retro outfit!

Don't you think that these photo came out like it was taken by a paparazzi?

"Hey Carmen, want kind of bag are you carrying?"

"I am carrying my new Butler Bag Basics."

"Where did you buy your Butler Bag?"

"From Avon! And I just love it!"

If you have any questions about Avon's New Butler Bag Basics or if you would like to purchase your own bag. Now Avon has a brand new Butler Bag! This new bag is an off white color, which will go well with any Spring outfit! You can visit my Avon page at any time!



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Needle and Thread

Here is my Singer Circa 1960's sowing machine. I know she is a little thing. Though even she is modest in size, she works like a speedy train!

Several years ago, I took the biggest project ever, and that was to re-upholstered my sofa. I had a basic understanding of doing it, though I didn't know how tedious it was going to be. So a dear friend kindly helped me with my project. She not only taught me how to sew and re-upholstered my sofa, but she gave me this cute vintage sowing machine as a gift, which to this day I thank her so dearly!

And you know what? We re-upholstered my entire sofa using my Singer! This machine is not only fast, but she is tough! She was able to sow thick fabric with pipping and all. I am telling you she is a tough cookie!

There are a lot perks about my Singer machine. The first thing is that it is small and easy to carry. And for a petite delicate person like myself, I don't carry or lift anything that is 5 pounds heavier. Though there are times, that my back will not permit me even to take her out of her box. So that is when super hubby comes to the rescue.

This Summer I have taken a new hobby of doll making! I have a friend that used to make dolls for a living. And she is teaching me basic techniques. As you know I am a sophisticated girl that have a passion for fashion. So when I brought these silky materials to my friend's house she said, "Oh, you don't want to use your best fabric for your first doll. It will take you several tries until you get your doll perfected."

I have yet to finish my first doll. I can't wait to see how pretty she will turn out to be. And even if she turn out looking a little funny or even a little ugly she will be my precious baby!

Have a nice day!



Monday, August 24, 2009

An Interview with Lorelei Lee!

I love retro photography and I am always looking to interview ladies that love dressing retro. So when I saw Lorelei Lee's lovely retro pictures I didn't want to pass the opportunity to interview her!

When I interviewed this gal, I found out that she had other passions in life besides fashion photography. Here it was a young wife waiting for her husband to come from oversees and be reunited with him again. Reading about her love for her husband and their strong marriage was like reading a love story!

And here is part of her interview:

“I love wearing vintage, listening to old music, watching old films, and dancing. But I also love taking care of my husband and making sure he is comfortable.”

As a teenager, Lorelei Lee started buying antique dresses. Years later she is an Antique Dealer, a wife and a homemaker. She loves the clothes from Gone With the Wind, the handsome and rugged Clark Gable and the soulful Billie Holiday.

For the past year, her husband has been overseas serving in the Navy, so right now a typical day is a tad different than it will be when her husband comes home. But on a typical day she would take her dogs out for their morning walk, then tidy up the house before heading out to search for antiques at auctions or garage sales. “That can sometimes take all day. But its worth it when you find that perfect piece.”

You can read more of Lorelei Lee interview at: Time Warp Wives

Enjoy your Monday!



Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Home, Away From Home

One of our favorites get away places that my hubby and I love to go is Saint Augustine, Florida. This town is such a romantic place. Whenever we go there, I get the feeling of that honeymoon excitement all over again!

I wanted to share with you these lovely pictures of Casa Monica Hotel in Saint Augustine. This hotel is one of my favorite hotels in Saint Augustine. This building was constructed in 1888 and was restored to its original beauty in 1999.

Saint Augie is one of the oldest town in the United States. I love walking through their boulevards and enjoy seeing the old buildings and houses. The city of Saint Augustine mainly has Spanish architecture, which reminds me so much of my home town of Valencia, Venezuela. Eventhough I lived most of my life in Florida, a part of me is still in Venezuela my birth place. So whenever I visit Saint Augustine I get excited. This place is pretty much for me a home away from home!

ast year when we went to Saint Augie for our wedding anniversary we found out that our favorite small quaint hotel had been torn down. After driving a while and being that we where tired and sleepy we ended up in a not so nice abode.

At first we figured that it didn't really matter if the hotel was not attractive, because we were planning on only coming to the hotel to sleep. How wrong we were! That hotel was not only bland, but it was not "Monk" worthy. The minute that I lay down on the bed, I felt like there were creeping crawlers all over my skin. I tried to be as composed as possible, though I couldn't hide the fact that my skin was red and itchy.

For the whole night my poor husband was looking all over the bed and blanket for bed mites, which I was sure were there, but happened to be hiding from us. That night we ended up buying new pillows and bed covers. Trust me I wasn't a happy wifey that night.

After that trip to Saint Augie, my husband had promised me, that next time we go that we would stay at a nice hotel. I would love to stay at the Casa Monica Hotel sometime. Though I know that we wouldn't be able to afford even a night at this hotel. Even though my husband promised something so sweet like this, for me it doesn't really matter where we stay, as long as we are together!

Now that is priceless!

Have a lovely weekend!



Friday, August 21, 2009

Paris Souvenirs

You know how I would love to go to Paris one day! Well how things are looking right now, I don't think that I would be going to Paris any time soon. Oh well, at least I could pick up some souvenirs at Etsy, and still day dream of going to this romantic place.

If you happened to go to Paris, I hope that you don't forget about me.

I will be right here and not going anywhere for now.

Oh, well...

One day.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Time and Reality

I have been always fascinated with clocks. The mechanical aspects of how clocks works have always intrigued me. Besides how the clocks work I enjoy watching and hearing it's sound. As a fan of all things old, I love walking down a city street and seeing an antique clock. There is something nostalgic about an old street clock that a digital clock can't beat, and that is beauty!

Have you ever been to Down Town and admired that digital clock on a building? And said, " wow, that's a fine looking digital clock." It's true that a digital clock is easier to read. And especially in the hectic society that most of us live in, many of us don't have the time to stop and read time.
And what's even more crazier than that, is that we don't even take time to stop and enjoy life, the real things of life! When was the last time that you actually stopped and smell a rose, or any flower for that matter?

It's sad that most of us don't enjoy things that make our lives truly enjoyable. And what makes things worst, it that our lives have not only become hectic, but that at the same time our lives are filled with non- essential things, that keeps us from enjoying the real things of life. People don't sit down anymore at the diner table and enjoy a meal together. Instead everyone seemed to be more in tuned to the t.v., computer or talking on the cell-phone instead to interacting with the people around them.

When I saw these pretty clocks it reminded me of the"Alice in Wonderland" movie when the rabbit said, "I am late I am late for a very important date". The rabbit on the movie didn't have time to spend around and talk to Alice, at the same he was running late for his important date. So the rabbit wasn't really here, nor there. His rushed time schedule didn't allow him to enjoy special time. He was too busy to think what really matter to him.

This weekend I am going to do just that. I have a very important date to attend. I am going to spend quality time with friends and family in learning about the real purpose of life and the universe.

Its great to keep on the watch about the most important things of life!

Take time to smell the roses!



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Top Model & Photographer

America's Top Model is a great show to watch if you like to learn modeling and photography. Even though I am not a huge of the show, I do occasionally watch the show when I need modeling or photography inspiration.

I have been asked to share a few tips of what I do behind the scenes of my own photo shoot. Mind you I am my own amateur photographer, so my tips and advice are not professional. And I am still learning as I go.

The first step to any photo shoot is to decide what kind of photo concept or theme you want. Do you want a 40's glam look? Or a 50's fun beach look? Then after you decide what concept you want, then you pick out the wardrobe that would fit the best for that particular look. In addition you can also choose a background scene,which will add dimension to your photo shoot.

The night before my photo shoot I do my hair. That way when I get up in the morning my hair is all nice and ready. My hair is very straight, so before I set my hair in pin-curls, I set it in hot curlers. That way my hair has the perfect texture and it's ready to be molded. One of my favorite hair and makeup tutorial that I posted on my website Time Warp Wives on the beauty page is a Marilyn Monroe Hair and Makeup Tutorial. I highly recommend for you to watch this tutorial several times and practice it.

Now is photo shoot time! You might think that this is the fun part for me, not quite that fast Mr. Watson. Here is where my area of expertise is still lacking. You see, I have a Fijifilm Digital Camera and I have a HD Sony Video Recorder camera, that I mainly use for my Retro Films. For some reason when my husband takes photo of me with the Fijifilm Digital Camera, I look like I gained 20 pounds. Mind you, the picture from this camera comes out as a clear sky on a sunny day. I don't know if my husband need a new eye glass prescription or if we needed to readjust the picture setting or what, instead of me looking like a cheerleader, I always end up looking like a Quarterback!

So than I moved on to plan B. I decided to use my Sony Video Camera and take my own pictures. But then because this camera is exclusively made for video recording, still pictures come out a bit dim and not as digital looking as when I use the video recorder. So what is an amateur girl photographer to do? Well, I had to work around this problem and try to make it work.

Before each photo shoot, I try to utilize natural, artificial light and the camera setting the best that I can. So when I am ready, I start taking my first few picture snaps and see how the picture looks. If the picture came out good I stay with the setting. And If it looks awful, I change the settings, lighting or even modeling poses, that will be most flattering. I really don't go by the indoor, outdoor or for the landscape or portfolio setting rule. I go with the combination setting that made my picture look good for that moment. Every time that you take a picture you have to adjust your camera to a different setting, because there are not two days alike.

How do I take my own pictures? Well, my camera came with a timer like most cameras nowadays. I use this feature mainly when I want to show the outfit I am wearing. But when It comes to close up pictures, that's the tricky part. My camera came with a movable picture screen. So when I want to take a close up picture of myself, what I do is that I sit in front of my mirror and then I twist the movable picture screen towards the mirror, as you can seen from the picture above, than I snap a picture. The good thing about having a movable screen is that I could take a picture without the camera lens showing up on the picture. The camera becomes incognito!

I hope that these tips will help in your own photo shoot. And if you have any suggestions for me on how to take great photos, please feel free to email me or leave a comment in this post. I will be so thankful for your suggestions!



Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Laundry Day

One of my worst pet peeve happen to be dirty laundry! It just drives me nuts- bananas- crazy when we are down to the bear minimal of clean clothes choices to wear for that day. For the past three months I have been behind in my regular laundry routine, and it's getting to be so embarrassing. And it's not that I have become a lazy housewife. It just that it has been a series of laundry malfunctions. And this is how this smelly thing started:

First: Our dryer broke. We have an old stackable washer and dryer. And one day when I was drying my towels the spinner stopped working. And that was the end of the dryer.

Second: My husband tried to fix the the dryer. That meant that the washer part of the stackable was not in service also. So for several days we couldn't do any laundry. When things started to pile up like Mount Everest, we resorted to our friendly neighborhood laundromat, which truthfully I am not crazy about, but I rather have clean clothes than having a pile of smelly clothes in our closet!

Third: Our car broke down! Now that in itself was a nightmare. My poor husband couldn't make it for a job interview and we ended up again with a pile of dirty laundry. Yikes, here we go again! With no car we couldn't go to our friendly neighborhood laundromat. And our stackbale had its wires hanging out. So after a week my hubby decided that the dryer part of the stackbale was not worth fixing. He finally put it back together. And again I was able to start washing clothes. But because we didn't have a dryer I had to hang the clothes outside, like the old fashion way.

Forth: The first time that I started to hang our clothes in our yard, I felt like a fifties housewife. It was a great feeling being outside and enjoying nature while doing housework. So one day while I was in the kitchen I thought that I heard rain. And sure enough when I looked outside, the first thing that I thought was my laundry. The rain got most of our clothes wet and smelly. So I had to end up washing that load again.

Fifth: My brother and his wife have moved with us recently. They have given us their brand new washer and dryer, which made me smile with glee! Though for us to connect the dryer to the wall unit we have to buy a converter thing. So in the meanwhile we had to still hang our clothes. One day when my brother saw me running outside in the rain to get our clothes, he suggested that I should dry our clothes in the garage. Drying the clothes in the garage was the best household tip that I have ever heard! And especially coming from my baby brother was sure amazing. The car garage acts like a hot oven, which makes the clothes dry quicker. And the best thing about it, my clothes is not getting rained on!

This week though I have been crazy busy so our laundry was a tad behind, so after finishing this post, I will be on my way to finish my laundry for this weekend. So that way comes Monday, my husband will have a clean pair of undies to wear!

And when my laundry is finished, I will be the happiest housewife in the world!



P.S. The lovely items above are all from my favorite store Victorian Trading Co. They have all sorts of cute vintage inspired products and gifts!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer Blues & Dresses

For many years I have had a fall off with Summer. When growing up, I used to look forward to Summer days. But as I get older and plus the problem with the global warming, Summer and I can't seem to see eye to eye anymore. So whenever the first Summer heat wave arrives, I become like a bear going into hibernation. I stay most of the Summer indoors until the first week of fall, when its nice and cool. I am an outdoorsy kind of girl. I love going out with my hubby and doggie for outdoors activities like bike riding in our neighborhood parks and going for romantic walks. So whenever the heat arise during the Summer, I get into a withdrawal, is like having a Summer blues.

To fight my Summer blues, I try to think of the pretty things of Summer. And what best than these pretty dresses to keep my mind off the heat.

Breezy, shifting chiffon, delicate pleats, and a bow tie waist accentuate the femininity of this dress, while the crisscross back and scooping neckline add suspense. The ruffled collar and silky lining is perfect for a Summer wedding!

This dress is made of bright colors and pure silk chiffon, you'll feel superb when you put this dress on! A black and pink bib graces the bodice, while a pink sash tie will enhance your feminine figure. Perfect that romantic picnic at the park!

This floral printed dress reminds me of my favorite movie The Stepford Wives. This pretty airing dress has ruching at the bust and empire waist and a flirty V-neck halter. If you are hosting a barbecue party this Summer, this dress is for you!

Aren't these dresses cute? They are all from ModCloth!

I hope that you have a great Summer!

And please keep cool.



P.S. Has anyone seen the movie 500 days of Summer? I have seen the preview. And it seems like its a cute movie. Though, I have yet to decide if I will go and watch it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On The Train Station

This is my design "On The Train Station", from my Bohemian Girl Collection! I had use one of my older version of Milly from The Espresso Express and gave it a more Retro Pop look.

My inspiration for this art piece comes from my love of traveling. I always loved the fact of how back in the days when train traveling was the most popular form of transportation. The elegance and beauty of the ladies back then have inspired me for my art fashion. So I wanted to bring back a little bit of that history through my new design concept.

This year for our 10th year wedding anniversary my husband took me to one of my favorite towns in Florida. Then to my surprise he took me to a train station and asked me if I wanted to go on a train ride. " Of course, I would like to take a train ride! Thanks sweetie!" I was so elated and touched by this surprise that I was tearing and happy at the same time.

You can visit my Biography to learn more about my passion for art at:
About Carmen Johnson

And for my "Bohemian Girl Collection" shop you can visit at: bohemiangirlcollection

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Got my Butler Bag!

I am totally excited because today I got my Butler Bag from Avon! This bag is not an ordinary hand bag. This is an organizer bag. This bag has several compartments that will allow you to see everything that you have in your bag. With the Butler Bag you don't need to dig to find your keys or lipstick. With the Butler Bag everything has a place and stays in place!

Jen Groover is the award-winning designer and creator of the Butler Bag. Seen on national television and features in major magazines like Redbook and Oprah. Jen Groover has now partnered with Avon and designed the Butler Basics Organizer Bag.

The Butler Bag in Jen's website are to die for, though right now they are a little pricey for me. So when I heard that Avon. was selling the Butler Bag that was equally fashionable and had the same compartments, in an affordable price of $39.99, I was ecstatic!

So If you would like to get your own Butler Bag visit my Avon page. This bag will have a promotional price for this month of February 2010. If you purchase $15 worth of Avon beauty products you pay $24.99 for your Butler Bag!

If you have any questions you can send me an email or telephone me. And I will be more than happy to be an assistance!

I just love this bag!



P.S. Update February 2010: The new off white Butler Bag will be available in the Avon brochure campaign 6, starting in February 2010!

Update: The new off white Butler Bag is now available online for purchase! You may visit my Avon page to purchase your bag. Here is the link:

Butler Bag Basics

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Shoe Dream

I have been crazy these days trying to look for some decent black 5 size shoes! In actuality, I am really size 4 and a half. I know, I have the smallest pair of feet in the world. The reason why I am looking for a 5 size shoe is that I kind of gave up looking for a size 4 and a half womanly shoes! Evertime I go inside a shoe store and came out empty handed, I end up throwing a Miss Piggy fit.


Now that that's off of my chest. I could go ahead and talk about these lovely shoes that I found at Etsy.

Aren't these shoes cute? I love these shoes because they are so Parisian looking. I just love black and white shoes. These shoes come with the dotted lines, which is so vintage looking. The curvy details both in the cut and shape of the shoe adds that feminine touch. And even though these shoes come with a thick buckle they still look womanly.

I can just imagine myself walking on the streets of Paris on day wearing this pair of shoes. How elegant and poised I would look. I would just fit in perfectly with the ladies of Paris. I would spot a cafe down the street and walk toward it, then probably stumble and fall on my tush. People would be so friendly and run towards me to pick me up from the lovely cobblestone street.

Then people would be asking me, "Mademoiselle, are you alright?"

"Merci oui," I would bashfully say.

Then an older shoemaker would approach me and say, "Don't worry Madam, I will help you."

Then this older shoemaker would invite me to his shoe shop. As I would sit with a cup of coffee while I watch the shoemaker repairing my shoes. Then a few minutes later the shoemaker would hand over my shoes.

"Madam, here are your brand new shoes."

Then as I get my shoe back I realize that the sole hasn't been repaired. Then I ask the shoemaker why he didn't repair my sole.

"Madam, the problem with your shoes was not the sole. It was the size. You see, these lovely black shoes that you saw at Etsy is not your size. They are a size 7. Madam, I had to stuff your shoes so that you would not fall again."

I would have to contain myself so that I won't throw a Miss Piggy fit. After all its Paris.

Than I would thank the shoemaker. And as I would leave the shop I would say:

"Now, sir, I have a question. Why do you keep on calling me Madam and not Mademoiselle?

"I saw your wedding ring. So I knew that you were a married woman."

I would be mesmerized.

The lesson of this story is, I can't continue stuffing my shoes and I am not a Mademoiselle!

I just want a decent black pair of shoes with a perfect fit!

Am I asking for too much?

Saturday, August 08, 2009

I Don't Love Cooking?

This weekend we finally went to see Julie & Julia , and we loved it! This movie was exquisitely delightful. Meryl Streep was wonderful in playing Julia Child! Most of us know Julia Child from her T.V cook shows. She taught people for many years the art of cooking. But who really was Julia Child, you might have asked yourself? Who was that woman behind her pots and pans wearing her apron and pearls around her neck? And how did she got to be that great chef?

Julia and her husband lived in Paris back in the 40's. Julia loved Paris! She loved the warm, friendly people of Paris. Julia's husband was known for his sophisticated palate. And it was him that introduced his wife to fine cuisine. So they both loved going to the different Parisian restaurant and savoring the foods and ... what am I doing! I don't won't to spoil the movie for you! So you just have to go and see the movie.

So anyhow I want to tell you what happened after we saw the movie.

After leaving the movie theater I was so inspired! I told my husband that I can't wait to go home and start cooking like a chef. I told him that I just love cooking.

My husband then looked at me and said,

" You, love cooking? You don't love cooking. If you loved cooking you will do it all the time."

" I love to cook. I love to learn to do different recipes. And experiment different things," I said.

"You might "like" to cook. But you don't love it."

"I don't love cooking?"

"Was this true?" I asked myself. I have always wanted to be the perfect housewife that love to cook. Cooking is one of the most important thing in being a housewife. Here I was feeling like a featherless chicken ready to be gutted. Then as I thought more and more about my feelings about cooking. I came to realize that I find cooking interesting. But I didn't find it that interesting- crazy- exciting-drooling- over- it- kind- of- thing . No wonder Time Warp Wives documentary was so inspiring for me. Deep down inside, I wanted to truly love every aspect of being a housewife, that will include cooking.

Than reality sat in. "I don't love cooking."

I felt ashamed of not really loving to cook. Just thinking about this, makes my stomach feel yucky.

Don't get me wrong. Most of my housewives duties I truly enjoy. And there are things that I wish that I could do better. Like for instance, washing dirty dishes right after supper. Now that is something that I don't like doing. I have to confess, I am guilty of leaving greasy plates and pans in the sink until the next day! It is hard sometimes to keep up with my dishes. And there are several reasons they don't get done.

1- I don't have a working dish washer machine.

2- I have a herniated disk on my back after having three car accidents in one year. Standing in one place for ten minutes is very painful.

3-My husband use to help me with the dishes. But lately he hasn't. And I feel that this is my duty and not his. I know, I am old fashion when it comes to certain things.

So I might not absolutely love to cook . And I definitely hate washing dishes. I still don't want to give up in that one day I will be able to start Mastering The Art of French Cooking. So even though me and Julia Child don't share this enthusiasm of cooking, she did have something in common with me. And that is our love for Paris!

So Bon Appetite to you!



Thursday, August 06, 2009

My Finger Waves

As I promised here is my first attempt of the famous finger waves! I wanted to have that 30's Hollywood hair style. So far I think that my new hairdo came out looking classy. Yes, as you have noticed I did indeed cut my hair. Two weeks or so ago when my sister was in town she wanted to treat me for a hair cut. She herself has a short hair cut and I absolutely loved it! So I went ahead for a shorter look. My sister's hair is naturally curly, so she pretty much can make her retro hairdo anytime without the need to pin-curl her hair.

Doing the finger waves right takes a great deal of skill. It took me several attempts when I started to make the S form on my bangs. Then when I finally got the right style, I made sure to pin it right away. Now the other side didn't come out the way I wanted. After I took out my bobby pins, that part looked like if I put my finger in a electrical socket! There were several reasons why that side might have not come out right. First, I couldn't figure out how to do the S form from a different angle. And second, my hair was not as damp as the other side was when I started my hairdo.

One thing for sure is that doing my finger waves was a lot of fun! Though if you want a professional finger wave look, you may want to have somebody do it for you. Especially when it comes to the hard to reach back part of the hair. Unless you have a bathroom full of mirrors, and flexible arms, your finger waves will end up looking like a tidal wave instead!

Even though my hairdo wasn't all totally finger waved, I still love how it came out!

My goal for this Summer will be to try to master this art.



Wednesday, August 05, 2009

She is such a Lady!

Aren't these vintage lamps divine? I found these beauties in Etsy. I know that it will go well in my Paris room. Though my pocket book will be empty after making such a transaction. Anyhow I will just dream about having one of these beautiful lamps. What, can't a girl dream once in a while?

You don't need to overpower your room with flowery fabrics on chairs, curtain or pillows to add that feminine touch into a room. If you ever want to add a feminine look to a room, the best thing to do is to look for curvy shapes. These lamps for instance have that feminine lines. They even look like corsets, so girly I might say!

Now, several years ago do you remember these tiny lamps that have a corset for a shade. They were in style. And I am sure that many of us bought these cute little lamps. And perhaps you might be thinking that these stylish lamps will look perfect in my room. Well, I do appreciate your concern for me. Though as an almost graduated interior decorator, I have one word for you, "Tacky". That's right, according to my decorator's manual such things are unacceptable!

I love sharing my words of wisdom with you. I just want to make sure that you make a good decision when it comes to decorating.

You know that my sister Mily does this for a living. And she does such a good job helping people with their home decor. You can visit her website at: Decor by Mily Gordon.



Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Learning French

I always wanted to learn French. I think that the French language is so romantic and stylish!

Several years ago I started my goal of learning the language. I bought one of those learning French Cd's, which was pretty neat because not only they gave the basic French grammar but actually videos of people interacting with each other while speaking French. So for about a month I would practice everyday. I had difficulty reading the exact pronunciation. Though I could say that I was progressing slowly but steady.

Then one day I was running errands in a busy area of South Beach. And low and behold there were some ladies speaking French Creole standing right behind me. I was blown away! Not because they were speaking French. It was because I understood almost everything they said. And French Creole is not totally the same as French, though I still understood it well. Trust me , I am not the kind of girl that like to eaves drop, that is not proper etiquette. So I unintentionally continued listening to their conversation. And I would certainly not tell you what they were talking about, which is neither mine or your business. But it was groovy to understand what these ladies were saying.

Then I somehow stop practicing my French Cd's.

So several years ago I tried to get into it again. This time in addition to listening to the Cd's I incorporated in my learning schedule a PBS film. The film was about a guy meeting a girl in France. All of it of course was part of a French learning course, which I thought was pretty entertaining.

I wanted to really learn French. I had all the tools and equipment that I needed but I couldn't seem to progress. So I came to one painful realization. The problem was moi, ME. Yeap, I couldn't keep up with my schedule and French went avoir. Perhaps it was that I didn't really needed to learn it so badly, like if my life depended on it. I lived in South Beach were their were a variety of food, people and languages.

And mind you, there are plenty of French speaking people every where you go in South Beach. So are the rest of the English, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese speaking people that also lived and breath in South Beach. I am fortunate that I speak English, Spanish and a little Portuguese and that I had French and German friends. So in a way I felt like I could survive that International culture.

Now if I had moved to Paris years ago most likely I would be writing this experience in French. I think sometimes what moves people in learning a new language is of a need. And I have to admit, I fall into that category. Though their are exceptions like; "Do I really "need" another pair of shoes?." Or is it more do I just "want" a new pair of shoes. So Perhaps one day if I have to work in a bakery shop where the owner only spoke French that I might have then a real need to learn the language after all.

With all of that I still would love to learn French. My dream is to one day go to Paris and walked down it's famous streets and to walk into one of their famous café and ask for the toilette! No matter what you say in French it will always sound romantique and chic!

A friend of mine that speaks about six languages told me a great tip one day: "You have to submerge yourself into the language."

So the best thing for me to do would be to pack my things and start heading to Paris. I wish! Anyhow, in the meantime, I will still enjoy learning a little French just in case if I might need it one day.

Here is the website to watch the PBS french lessons: French in Action.

BBC has a great language learning courses on their website. The languages that they have are: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Chinese and others.

The BBC Language Website:BBC Languages/

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons from FunkyFlamenca, Wallyg, Mr Mystery.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Hanging Out at The Beach

rom my Bohemian Girl Collection here is my "Hanging Out at The Beach" design! As a young girl my family and I always spent time in the water, either in the pool or at the beach. Being that I grew up in South Florida we pretty much spent our afternoons swimming in the water or playing in the sun. It was truly a lot of fun being in the sun all day.

any years ago we were all unaware of the harmful effects of the sun. Skin Cancer was unheard of when I was growing up. And as this skin disease increased over the years more people are aware of the effects of the sun. As a fair skin person I am naturally more sensitive to the sun. And lately I have noticed more discoloration and spots on my skin. That being the case I now am more aware to apply my sunblock wherever I go. As a health conscious person, I don't spend nearly the amount of time in the sun as I used to when I was growing up.

So as you have seen in this design, I made sure to add the phrase "don't forget to bring the sunblock." My bohemian girl Milly is wearing her signature flapper hat which is not only fashionable, but it helps to keep her skin protected from the sun. I am hoping that my design brings a sun protection awareness for all those tanning lovers out there!

And if you are "Hanging Out at The Beach" or any where else this Summer, here is a lovely jumbo tote bag perfect to carry all of your summer stuff!

Come and visit my Bohemian Girl Shop
for these and other BG Collection items.

Have fun this Summer and don't forget to apply sunblock!

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