Sunday, January 31, 2010

An Interview with Johanna Öst!

One day, when I was looking for retro inspiration online I stumbled upon my next interviewee Johanna Öst! At a first glance when I first saw Johanna's photos she reminded me of Marilyn Monroe. Then as I looked closer I realized that she also resembled Shirley Temple. I won't be surprised that this girl will one day get Hollywood's attention.

This girl from Sweden is not only pretty, but she is very talented and very creative. Johanna arts and illustration are well-known throughout the internet. She is also a history student at her University. And she speaks fluent Swedish and English, and a bit of French.

This gal loves clothes, beauty, and vintage fashion. She started "The Wardrobe Project," to clean out her wardrobe, which I thought was a fun and clever idea for any girl to do. Johanna incorporated every garment into a great outfit, in which she would take a picture of. Now she has a catalog of great outfits for inspiration.

And how she loves Disney and Barbie!

Here is my interview with Johanna Öst:

I've always had this wish to have a 'glamorous' life, which pretty much meant wearing pretty vintagey and princessy outfits all the time, but I never felt like I could give up all the other great clothes that didn't fit that aesthetic. Then my style sort of naturally evolved into that ideal anyway."

Johanna loves clothes, beauty, and vintage fashion. She said that she loves lots of other styles as well, but that she feels the the vintage style is the ultimate for her. As long as she can remember Johanna always loved looking through old magazines and pictures and the typical glamorous 50's and 60's bombshell has always been something of an aesthetic ideal to her.

We asked Johanna what her dream job would be. "I would love to be able to live more comfortably off my art and illustration work, but I'd also love working at a museum with historical clothing. Ideally I'd do both."

To read more visit:
Time Warp Wives Interviews



Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tiffany's & Blue Eye Mask

God morning Holly!
God morning Holly! by vivien22

These winter blues have finally caught up with me. I totally feel like Holly from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Almost every morning I have been sleeping in until my doggie wakes me up. But instead of strolling down Fifth Avenue and admiring pretty jewelry at Tiffany's, I am strolling down my hallway to my Paris Room and getting my soft blanket, which I bring over to the living room so I can lay on the couch again.

You know that I have felt so relax lately. For several months I had been dealing with stress and sadness that seem not to go away. So I felt that I had to make some changes in how I deal with stresses in life. And trust me there is plenty of crazy stressing things out there for everyone to share.

With the help of my hubby and past experiences I came up with my own anti-distressing to do list. And here it is:

1- Bible Reading Everyday. I have been a good girl in not skipping breakfast and my Bible reading. Reading the Bible is very powerful and comforting at the same time.

2- Can't Watch News. Sorry Anderson Cooper. This one was very hard for me, because I am a girl that cares for what is happening in the world. Though whenever I finished watching the news my mood will go from feeling blue to clinical sadness. Not a good thing.

3- Stretches, Exercise, & Massages. This is a must for me, especially that I had to deal with a back injury from several car accidents. At my therapist I learned some pilates. If I don't do stretches everyday, I am in pain and pretty much miserable. Also I started to do some indoor exercise with my stationary bike. And when the weather is comfortable I take my doggie for a run on my three wheel Bike. We both come back home feeling renewed. Every week I ask hubby for a massage. Even when I don't plan one, it seems like I always need one every seven days.

4- Thinking Positive. Sometimes you can be your worst enemy. And when you are feeling the blues, "Misery likes company". So whenever my thoughts or words start coming out negative, I immediately change the channel. I try to keep my self busy with fun positive things that make me feel relaxed and happy. Although there are times when you can't control the world around you. You can still control how your mind deals with such things. For me this is the most difficult thing in my list.

5- I have to go to bed early. I am still working on that. Hubby comes back from work late at night. And I and doggie stay up waiting for him.

So far these steps has truly helped me. And I feel happier!

This pass week I saw
Breakfast at Tiffany's again. I said again because I just finished watching the whole movie a few weeks ago. Then there was Holly all sleepy when she opened the door to "Fred, Baby". And that is when I realized how cute were her Tiffany Blue Eye Mask! I totally love the eye lashes and gold trim! And also she had these stylish looking ear plugs. I actually found a similar eye mask and ear plugs. I have yet to decide if I want to purchase them, or if I can make my own. I think that it would be a good project to do. Anyhow I am too sleepy right now to make a decision.

Darling, I have to tell you that wearing pajamas all day is all so liberating!



Sunday, January 24, 2010

Retro Barbie Doll!

I always wanted to start my own retro Barbie doll Collection. And for the past several years Barbie Reproduction Dolls have been making a comeback, which is great for any who is starting to collect them! I am not thinking to have a big collection. I like to keep things simple and easy to manage. Though I would still like to have a couple of dolls, dresses, and retro accessories.

I think I will start my collection with the Barbie's 50 Anniversary Doll. This Barbie has always been my favorite! I love her stripe bathing suit. She also comes with her cocktail black dress and shoes. She is a Classic!

They other day I realized that I lost my favorite umbrella. I wanted to get an umbrella that was both retro and chic. And sure enough when I saw this cute Barbie umbrella on my Avon Page, I immediately added to my wish list!

The neat thing about Barbie is that at times she is featured in neat products. Here Barbie is being featured in Stila cosmetics! I think it's so retrochic!

Recently I came across Michelle Phan's Barbie Transformation Tutorial. She has become one of the most popular girl's in Youtube! Her Barbie video is of a modern Barbie look, which was pretty neat. But if you would like to see a vintage Barbie transformation you should see Johanna Öst Barbie look. I think she did a phenomenal job looking like a real life vintage Barbie!

Have a great week!



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Besame Cosmetics!

I am totally excited because I just received my very first Besame Cosmetics products! A few months ago I had the privilege in interviewing the owner and founder of Besame Cosmetics Inc, Gabriela Hernandez. When I read how much thought went into making theses products, I wanted to try them myself. And I have to tell you that I am a very HAPPY customer!

Over the years I have tried different kinds of beauty products, and I have never used anything like Besame Cosmetics! These products are 100% luxurious! From the beautifully retro designed packaging, to the very lush quality of the products itself, there are no comparison!

Did you know that Besame Cosmetics are the only reproduction beauty products there is? That is why you can't find anything like this.

I couldn't keep all the excitement to myself. So I wanted to share with you my little treasure!

So here is what I got:

  • Red Velvet: Voluptuous Lip Cololur
  • Signature Compact with Cashmere Pressed Powder/ Medium
  • Peacock Blue Shadow
  • Black Pear Shadow

This is my new and now favorite compact! I was blown away by the porcelain affect this powder had on my skin! You won't need to apply foundation with this compact, which is excellent for that girl on the run! Also, Isn't she a doll? What I love is that both my compact and my eye shadows come with their own red velvet pouch. Such glamours girls, just like their mom!

My Red Velvet lipstick is now one of my favorites lipstick! When I first tried this lipstick I couldn't believe how lush it was! The coverage was excellent! I also love the yummy chocolaty scent it has. My lipstick came with it's own lip liner and a little brush applique. And she also came with her own velvety black pouch.

Last but not least, this is that perfect retro eyeshadow that I have been looking for! When I finished applying my new Besame Cosmetics eyeshadow, I immediately felt that it completed and complemented my retro look! I knew that it was a keeper!

I am thrilled to announce that I am a new Besame Girl! So if you any questions about these beautiful products or if you would like to sell them in your beauty salon you can contact me at anytime! My email is:

And if you would like to purchase these products for yourself you may visit: Besame Cosmetics.



Photos: Copyright © 2010 Carmen Johnson.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Edwardian Ball Weekend 2010!

For all of you Steampunks aficionados out there, The Edwardian Ball Weekend is here again!

The award-winning Edwardian Ball transforms the historic Regency Ballroom into a garden of delights. Join a wonderland of symphony of music, theater, dance, art, storytelling, circus arts, fashion, and technology!

The Dates For the Event are as Follow:

January Friday 22 to Saturday 23, 2010.

NEW IN 2010: The Edwardian Vendor Bazaar & Croquet Garden will be open Saturday Jan 23rd from Noon-7pm (in addition to both nighttime events).


The Regency Ballroom, 1300 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, California.

For more information you can visit: The Edwardian Ball 2010.

Come Join The Fun!

Have nothing to wear for the event? Visit Steampunk Emporium for that perfect steampunk outfits and accessories!

Photo: Creative Commons Flickr by Mind on Fire.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hedy Lamarr Hair Inspiration!

Last year I wanted to get a new look, so I got a short haircut. After several days later I realized that it wasn't for me. First, I have a roundish face. Yeap, I was endowed with big rosy cheeks. So having long hair balances off my face. Second, having long hair I have more possibilities for more hairdo's, which is a must for any girl.

Here I parted my hair in the middle. I got my inspiration from the actress Hedy Lamarr. She always looked so sophisticated with this hair style! So when I tried it for myself, I knew that it was a keeper! Now that spring is approaching, I will picking up new flowers for my hair. I can't wait to smell the flowers in bloom again!

I just love being a girl!



Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Black & White Fashion

I have always loved black and white clothes. I think a basic black and white dress is super chic. And like a little black dress, I believe that a black and white dress completes any girl's wardrobe. The pretty dresses that are here are from my favorite store Mod Cloth! I love going window shopping in this store, because it gives me some inspiration as what to look for when I go to my local thrift store.

By the way, aren't these cute outfits so Parisian looking?

This is a great idea if you have a simple black dress. By just adding a black and white bow, you have a complete new outfit!

This black and white dress is totally a mod dress! Great for grabbing it out of the closet when running late for work.

This chic dress has a performers flare to it, which is retro hip. Just add a little pop out red lipstick and you will be ready for that movie date!

I am totally loving my online window shopping!



Sunday, January 10, 2010

My New Retrochic Series!

It's been a while since I have done much creative writing. I love storytelling, though the problem was that my English grammar wasn't up to par. I attended most of my school years in Venezuela, where I was born. I would say that I had a 4th grade English grammar. I have always wanted to be a good writer. I figure that the best way to improve my writing was by starting to write. Last month I was again inspired to write another series.

So I am excited to announce my new fictional story The Retrochic Series! This new adventure will bring creative writing and acting to a different level. I will be playing Victoria Lee Jones who after years of waiting for her big break, she finds herself stuck in an old elevator and ... Well you just have to find out the rest.

Come and enjoy the first episode I Am Going To The Ritz,

The Retrochic Series!



Friday, January 08, 2010

Winter Break & Frozen Strawberries

I hope that you enjoyed your winter break, because I totally enjoyed mine! Can you believe that it was 27 degrees the other day here in Florida. I thought for sure that we were going to have another warm winter. I had taken out all of my pretty winter accessories, and thinking that I might use it once or twice. Boy was I wrong! I am so excited to wear all of my winter outfits eveyday for the past three weeks. Now I am an expert in fashion layering!

Besides enjoying the free air-conditioning, I have enjoyed my free relaxation time. So that is why you haven't seen me around. I have about three major websites, besides my film company and this personal blog. And it is alot of work to maintain them all . Us bloggers also need some time off from writing. It's good for the mind to reboot. But then as a creative person I still continue getting ideas even while I am vacationing. And I think that is when you come up with the best ideas.

The only bad thing about this winter blast here in Florida, is that the strawberries grove is getting hit by the freezing temperatures. It's funny because I have been craving a strawberry banana smoothie for the past two days. Good thing that I have kept some in my freezer. I just need some bananas.

Save the strawberries!



Photo:Flickr Creative Commons jim68000

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