Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Day in Life in My Retro Shoes: I am Determined to Graduate and Become an Interior Decorator!

 Several years ago my dear sister paid for my interior decorating school. My sister had studied to become an interior decorator and she knew that I would also enjoy learning about decorating.

Studying about something that I love helped me to keep my mind busy and positive. Instead of dwelling with my own self pity emotional issues because of my physical limitations, I felt that I was able to feed the starving creative and emotional side of me. I felt whole again.

Almost six years have passed and I haven't graduated yet. So what happened? Why didn't I keep up with my studies like I have promised myself?

Although I was super motivated to finish my studies I still had to deal with life.Yes, there were times that I had rather watch an old movie, listen to some jazz, and even blogging instead of picking up my books. And also there were times I questioned if I was ever going to work as an interior decorator.

But then was I only enjoying learning about decorating only because I might one day get a job as a decorator? The answer was, no. Decorating makes me feel happy. It brings me much joy and a sense of satisfaction to be able to transform a simple room into a more sophisticated and inviting place. I have always loved art, architect, designs, and the wonders of nature. So would I stop learning about these things because I can't become a famous artist or world renown biologist one day?

This time I am determined to finish what I had started! I am going to finish my classes and graduate and become an Interior Decorator!

Anyhow I loved to continue talking and chit chatting with you all. But I have to go and hit those books again. In the meanwhile you can watch me in action as I get ready to start studying:

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Carmen Johnson

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Message from The Flapper Girl

The Flapper Girl wants to share a message to her audience... 




...Stay Tuned!

P.S. The Flapper Girl loves retro fashion, music, movies, and designs. The Leopard hat that she is wearing happened to be one of her favorites from Mark.

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