Monday, November 22, 2010

The City Picnic

This past weekend doggie, hubby, and I went for a relax picnic in the city. Although I live in the city I really consider myself a nature out-doorsy kind of gal. The weather that afternoon was around 75 degrees. Perfect for a Florida fall picnic!

Here is Chewie and me enjoying time together. In the background you can see our little picnic setting under the tree. And on the right side of the picture you can see the lake. I believe always having a picnic near the water. And here in Florida there are tons of lakes, rivers, and ocean to choose from!

I had about an hour or so to prepare for our picnic. So I grabbed my Bohemian Girl Collection tote bag and picnic basket and packed food, drinks, blankets, towels, games, and reading materials.

Reading outdoors is the best thing ever! The fresh air and the serene sounds of nature adds to the ambiance.

Here is one of the books that we brought along to read: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. Several weeks ago hubby and I were watching the film based on this novel. I told my husband that I had never read the book. He happened to have a copy in his library. So at the picnic I started reading the first chapter of the book. So far I have enjoyed the writing style of the author. I think it's one of my favorites along with Jane Austen novels.

Can't forget to bring provisions to the picnic. This darling picnic basket was given to me by my mom.

I have been on a strict diet lately. So I made sure to pack plenty of fruits for our outing.

What is a picnic without visual inspiration? In this Vogue 2010 May issue I enjoyed the vintage styles of the past. And while I turned the pages of Vogue I enjoyed my delicious hearty apple.

Here is doggie and me having some activity time.

A little exercise is great for both of us.

Being that I had been in doors for quite some time now, It was truly great to feel healthier again and to reconnect with nature once again!



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