Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Retro Biker Chic

I am totally excited because the weather is nice and cool. And that will mean that I could finally ride my bike!

I love feeling the cool wind on my face when I am riding my bike.

I believe that a girl should always look presentable no matter where she goes. When I go for a ride I always wear my sun glasses. Being that I live in Florida, it is very sunny and bright here. Also I love pulling my hair away from my face, so that way I could see where I am going. Here I am wearing a purplish and green scarf. I love these black sunglasses, there are so Jackie O.

I can't wait to start riding my three wheel bike. Oh, you thought that I was talking about riding a motorcycle. Oh no, I don't ride motorcycles. I like having safe fun, thanks.

I still like being called Retro Biker Chic, though.



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