Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Makeup Bag

Lately, I have been waking up very early in the morning, which I am not use to. I have never been a morning person. Like a flower that is slowly opening it's petal, I slowly get myself out of the bed, shower, drink my smoothie, and put on my outfit and shoes and I am out the door.

So because I have become a girl on the run, I haven't had time to properly do my beauty routine, which includes applying my facial cream, sunblock, and makeup in front of my vanity. So yes, I have been applying my makeup in the car, which I am not crazy about. The problem though was that is that my old makeup case was not big enough. The solution: I bought this cute mod style Lancome makeup bag, which I totally love!

This fancy makeup bag comes with two compartments. The compartment where is made out of a transparent material is where I have my eye, blush, foundation and makeup powder. The other compartment is made out of a netted material, there I have my brushes, and my two smaller makeup case where I have my lipstick, pencils, mascara and liquid eye liner.

My Lancome bag also came with it's own signature mini makeup bag, isn't it super chic?

With my new makeup bag I feel so organized!




Ms. B said...

That's such a cute bag! I love it!

Carmen Johnson said...

Well, thanks Ms. B!

Have a great weekend,


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