Monday, November 30, 2009

Wondermark, A Retro Comic Strip!

Since I first laid my eyes on Wondermark, I knew it was love at first sight! Here it is the perfect retro comic strip!

The first thing that caught my attention when I went to the Wondermark website was the vintage feel of it, which I am all for it! Second, the comic strip itself is made to look like it was taken from an old newspaper. So here you are, reading a newspaper comic strip on the internet! Third, I have lately discovered my love for the Parisian Steampunk culture. And Wondermark, is just that! And last but not least, the dialog is about modern daily living, sort of like being a Timewarpian! You dress retro, but you are living in the 21 Century.

Two thumbs up, for Wondermark!

Wondermark cat has a blog

This comic episode, reminds me of the conversation I have with my husband when he is at his computer all day!

Wondermark she wants to make sure

And in this episode is totally what my nervous mom would say! "Can't a mother worried?"

A little bit about the artist himself:

Wondermark is by David Malki ! This comic strip is like reading a 100 years old newspaper comic strip, but with a modern twist! David uses vintage drawings and writes a story line around it. If you love humor with a kick, Wondermark will be your favorite comic page to visit!

Oh, and if you thought that the exclamation mark at the end of David Malki! was a typo, well it wasn't it. That is how he spells his name. Now, that is one funny fellow!



Click link to visit Wondermark at:

Monday, November 23, 2009

An Interview with Candice De Ville!

Whenever I watch an old Hollywood movie, I am not only enjoying the movie itself, but I am also looking for my next retro inspiration. So one day I wanted to experiment with a new retro hairdo. The problem was, how was I going to figure out the steps to achieving such a look? Well that is how I came across Super Kawaii Mama, my next interviewee!

Author of the popular blog "Super Kawaii Mama" and hostess of her own vintage hair tutorials on Youtube, Candice De Ville has made her passion for retro style and living her career.

I have enjoyed and learned new retro hairdo by watching her tutorials. Her tutorials are easy to follow and her Australian accent adds an air of sophistication, which I am sure that you will find very delightful as well!

Not only did I had the opportunity to learn a new hairstyle, but I also got to meet a lovely lady!

Here I present to you part of the interview that I had with her:

“I believe that to a great extent you create your own reality and can choose to
live in a more beautiful world, even if you do spend most of your time chasing
after two small children.”

In her blog “Super Kawaii Mama“, Candice concentrates on her own take on fashion, style and many of her inspirations. “I’ve made it my personal mission to introduce more glamour to the world, particularly the world of the stay at home mum."

Her blog also features examples of her daily outfits, health and beauty tips, styling recommendations, style icons and inspirations, as well as discussing the ethics of fashion in a wider sense. Her vintage hair tutorials came from a desire to connect with her readers. Candice wanted to demonstrate that “looking good is not all about having a lot of money or a team of stylists behind you.”

Most of the styles she started out with began as happy accidents that she refined. “I have since been studying different vintage looks I’d like to achieve and figuring out short hand ways to achieve the same styles with the wonder of modern products.”

To read more of Candice De Ville interview you can visit:
Time Warp Wives Interviews

Have a great Monday!



Friday, November 20, 2009

Vanity Verses True Prettiness

You know how much I love having a vanity! I am the typical old fashion gal that loves sitting in front of my vanity without rushing. When I am in my Paris room it is my girly time. I can't help it, but I don't like to be rushed when it comes to my beauty routine. Folks, I need concentration when it comes to my hair and makeup. Or else I am going to end up throwing a Miss Piggy fit, and it ain't going to look pretty. That for me is what makes a true lady look her best. Not the way she looks, but the way she acts.

Have you seen the show Bridezilla? Well, no matter how pretty the brides-to-be look, they end up looking like crazed women when they throw their hissy fit. Yikes! Trust me, I had to encounter several of them in my life time.

Like it says in the Good Book, "beauty is vanity". And isn't that true, no matter how much hairspray and jewelry you are wearing! What matters is the inside beauty. That lovable, kind, and sincere person that people want to be with. That, my dear, constitutes true beauty!

If you have noticed in my Time Warp Wives website I have tried to strike a balance when it comes to beauty tips and comportment of a lady. The reason that I do that is because, like you, I have noticed a lack of decency everywhere. You walk down the streets and you see how girls dress and comport themselves. I don't want to blame this lack of decency on one particular person or community.

The society, bad parenting, and a lack of a spiritual compass, have to do in part with how children are becoming. Children learn and imitate from what they see. The things that we are surrounded with are directly or indirectly molding our little ones minds and hearts.

For instance, T.V is a major problem. You can train your child not to watch certain shows. But nowadays the regular family shows are allowing things that years ago were frowned upon. Where did the decent shows go? To whom are the television networks catering their shows? Unfortunately their biggest audience is our children!

There are still people out there that want wholesome programming that they could enjoy without having to constantly switch channels and to avoid indecent exposure. It is true that there are still T.V. channels that show, for instance, Little House in the Prairie and I love Lucy. But does that mean that we have to be stuck watching these same shows, because there is nothing good left out there to watch? Our children and we would like to watch new shows also, you know.

Now there are channels out there that cater to us women. Though what seems to me is that their most popular shows are the ones that make us women look and feel cheap. Every time that I turn around there is another new show with the same concept: Skimpy clothes, foul language, and bad manners. My question is: Where do they find these women?

Even day time regular network shows are allowing words that describe women in indecent ways. In addition, they have to constantly beep out the bad words, or fade them out, which I find very annoying and disturbing! Do I need to use my imagination to fill in the blanks? Are you kidding me? I don't find that entertaining at all!

What are we teaching our children in this generation? That it's okay to wear skimpy clothing, to be rude, and that it's funny when they use foul language? What's going to be next, that it's okay to kill? Which by the way it has become also very popular lately among teenagers. We have to stop this insanity!

One of the questions that I asked folks to answer in my Time Warp Living network site is: What would you like to bring back from the past?
More than half the people answered:





This list may be considered old fashioned, though this is what most people want. People are not animals, as if they have to act on instinct. People were created with a mind to think, to decide, and to reason. I feel for parents out there who are trying to raise a decent and productive human being, because it seems like all odds are against that. But even if that's true, you can make a difference in how you raise your family.

So it is not popular having good morals anymore. That is how Rome fell, didn't it? The very essence of society is composed of strong families that abide to decency and rules. If there is no barometer in our society, what would it become?

That is why this year I have decided to use most of my time and efforts to encourage families to again read and study the Bible. This book might be five thousand years old, but it's advice and principles are superb and never outdated. Those who follow what is written in the Bible are the best well behaved and mannered citizens that you have ever met!

I am happy to be part of the next generation of law abiding human society that will live in love, peace, and unity!



Thursday, November 19, 2009

Winter Scarf & Hairdo

My black and white winter scarf is very precious to me, because it was given to me as a gift from a dear friend of mine. She has great talent when it comes to knitting and making unique things. I absolutely love how this scarf looks on me! I feel totally sophisticated and stylish!

Do you like my new hairdo? Well I got inspired when I saw the actress Hedy Lamarr in the movie Ziegfield Girls. In this movie she had her hair parted in the middle. So last night I parted my hair in the middle then I set my hair in pin curls. This morning I unwind the curls, and gently styled my hair and viola!

I love my new hairdo!




Enjoy your day!



P.S. I found out that Hedy Lamarr lived in Orlando. Not far away from where I live. This is a small world after all!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here's Looking at you, Kid

This is "Here's Looking at you, Kid", from of my Bohemian Girl Collection! How I do love movies. Old black and white movies of course are my favorites! I wanted to built a scene around one of my favorite luxuries, a drive-in movie theater. I pictured that a cute couple were watching a classic. As I had the couple seeing each other, the phrase "Here's Looking at you kid", came to mind. And that's how I decided to include the famous scene from the 1942 Casablanca.

Drive-in movies are almost extinct. I have personally enjoyed going to the drive-in here in Florida. When my hubby and I used to live in Miami Beach we will drive to Ft. Lauderdale to an old, but well preserved drive-in theater. And I have to tell you it was a lot of fun! Here we where in our own car, under the starry skies while enjoying the fresh night air, eating popcorn, and holding hands. It was so romantic! What more can you ask?

I just loved our drive-in movie dates!

You can purchase my lovely "Here's looking at you, Kid", tote bag from my Bohemian Girl Collection shop at any time!

I found a great website that lists "Drive In Movies" in the U.S., Canada, and Australia :

Happy movie nite!



Monday, November 16, 2009

Sock Dreams & Inspirations

I am totally ecstatic that finally Florida is cooling off! Time to take out those warm socks. And what better than these fabulous looking socks from Sock Dreams! They are so chic and classy and there will keep your footsies warm and happy.

As a Retro Reporter I am always looking for people, places, and things that inspires me. Through Dolly Dahl, I heard about the very talented Emily Martin. This artist and designer sells her cute art collection at her Etsy store called the The Black Apple. Not only was her art inspiring, but I found that Emily had a unique sense of style.

Emily knows how to add a little whimsical flare, to her retrochic look. And one of her signature looks are these knee high socks. I totally love how she is able to pull out her unique outfits and still look ladylike and classy!

I am sure that you too will love visiting her blog!

B. ella Gigia Microfiber Trouser Socks

Liza Polka Dot Knee Socks

B. ella Alessa Argyle Trouser Socks

B.ella Lena Diamond Trouser Socks

Don't you love these Parisian looking socks?

They are sooo dreamy!



P.S. I am hoping to hear from Emily for an interview on my Time Warp Wives website. I know that her vintage fashion will inspire many.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rainy Day in Paris

This same painting I have in my living room. When I first say this painting I knew that it was coming home with me. I have always loved raining days! I just find rain so refreshing. After it rains doesn't the air smell nice? It is something that has made me feel so alive!

This painting is called "Rainy Day, Paris Street", and it was painted by Gustave Caillebotte in 1877. Ever since I bought this picture I always wondered where the artist got his inspiration for his art piece.

And here it is:

This is Gare Saint-Lazare which is one of the six large terminus train stations of Paris. The Gare Saint-Lazare has been represented in a number of artworks. It attracted artists during the Impressionist period and many of them lived very close to the Gare St-Lazare during the 1870s and 1880s. Some of these artist were: Édouard Manet, Jean Béraud, and Claude Monet.

So today it happened to be pretty cloudy almost like it wanted to rain. It wasn't rain that had come, but it actually got chilly today here in Florida! And can you believe that I didn't take my coat with me. After half an hour later being in the cold I felt underdressed. After all this time of waiting for a cold front, and here I was so unprepared. I did wear a hat, knitted skirt and my closed black and white retro shoes, but it wasn't warm enough.

Tomorrow though, I am wearing my whole winter ensemble! I am so looking forward to it!



P.S. Just finished watching the movie "Rear Window" by Alfred Hitchcock. I think this is one of the best movies that he did. And Grace Kelly looked so glamours!

Photos and Research: Creative Commons Flickr & Wikipedia.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Liz Eyebrows & Prints

Lately I have been a bit under the weather. Just feel like staying on the couch and wrapping myself with a soft blanket, while enjoying some great movies on TCM. And that is what exactly I have been doing this whole week!

These past several days I have watched some great movies with Elizabeth Taylor. She is not only a great actress, but she is and was very stunning in her early years. Being that I am also brunette like Liz, expect of course I don't have her violet color eyes. I try to learn how she wore her hair and how she did her makeup. I thought I had all her beauty tricks down, until I watched her movies this week. I came to realize that their was one thing that I didn't paid attention. And that was her dark thick eyebrows!

Like any classic girl I do pencil my eyebrows. I would usually use a light to medium brown pencil. Though I haven't tried to darken them and to make them thicker. I was always afraid to end up looking like a smurf.

So I went ahead with the experiment and started to fill my brows with a black liner. Yikes! It turned out way too dark!

On my second attempt I went for a dark black pencil. It look well, so so.

My third attempt I used both the eyeliner and then a dark brown. And it was starting to look better.

Then one day as I was ready to go out I tried a dark brown pencil. And it turned not perfect, but pretty, which is decent enough for me.

So as I work on my eyebrows and trying to figure the best classic look for them, I came across these cute prints. At first I thought that it was Miss Liz Taylor, but then as I took a closer look I realized that it wasn't Liz.

I was a bit disappointed, but then realized that I am blind retrochic gal with a huge eyebrow problem!

Still though aren't these prints so retrochic? I totally loved them! And if you are feeling like me under the weather and want to keep cozy and warm why not get one of these stylish hot water bottles.

I believe that a girl should always look stylish no matter how crabby she feels. Don't you think?



Photo: Creative Commons

Friday, November 06, 2009

Knitted Fashion Patterns

The cold season is the only time that I get to wear my knitted clothes, and that means about a few cold snaps here, and there. Oh, well that is how Florida winter is. Anyhow, here I found some inspiration for vintage knitted fashion that I know you will absolutely love!

To always looking stylish in knitted clothes you have to make sure that it's fitted. An over sized and bulky knitted outfit will make you look heavier. These samples will get you going to how to correctly wear a knitted outfit and still feeling pretty!

All these knitted fashion patterns are from Iva Rose Vintage Reproduction. If you know how to knit these patterns are for sale! And if you don't know how to knit, this will be a great time to learn!



Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Monday, November 02, 2009

Always be Remembered

This past weekend I lost my dear grandfather. My heart has been saddened this whole weekend by his passing. When I saw this picture from Creative Commons, it reminded so much of my grandfather. Even though he was very old, he was always young in heart, intelligent, and very funny. He was always ready to travel, to have fun, and enjoy life!

My grandfather loved history. His grandchildren use to love to gather around him and listened to his interesting stories. He also loved music, planting, and he sure loved to play dominoes. Whoever visited him, he would challenge them to a game. He loved a mental challenge. No wonder his mind was always sharp and alert through out his life. He was the kind of person that was always doing something. He was a busy grandpa.

One of the things that I would always cherished about him was that he loved having people around him. He loved having visitors and conversing with them. At times when he was by himself he was doing something creative.

My grandfather had a long and rewarding life. He almost lived to be 100 years old. Almost a century! He saw the raise and fall of governments, wars, and even fashion. He was around when there was no T.V. When there was shows on the radio. When T.V was first black and white and then colors. And when the internet became the new T.V. No wonder he had stories to tell us!

My grandfather worked hard while raising his family of 16 children. My family come from a humble place where water and electricity was not always available. Working in a third world country and raising a large family was hard back then. We always admired him and our grandmother for raising a big family.

My grandpa lived to see his 50 plus grandchildren and great grandchildren.

He will truly be missed by all...

We love you grandpa!



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