Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Cruel & Lovin Summer

Many have wondered how was my Summer. And all I can think about is that song from the 80's "It' a cruel, cruel Summer. Leaving me here on my own. It's a cruel, cruel Summer."

I rather had hope I had a Summer lovin. But unfortunately it wasn't. Summer was cruel and not to kind to me.

It's not that I blamed Summer for my problems But it was what happened during the days of Summer that had turned my life to almost a 360 degree turn.

Like I mentioned in my Time Warp Wives October letter and comment I had to take a much needed hiatus. I had become very sick to the point of going to the E.R. It was like no other thing I have felt before in my life. And up to this day I still don't know what it was.

This all happened during the week of my Retro Fashion Week 2010 event . I was in the middle of my event when I started with a horrendous sore throat. It reminded me of a a strep throat infection several years ago. I had difficulty to swallow , eat, and talk. In the middle of all that I was able to do some of lined up radio interviews for the event, plus some P.R. work while dealing with that throat pain. 

Anyhow to make a long story short this particular virus triggered a bad response to my already fragile frame.

For the past 12 years I had been dealing with a really bad disease called Lupus, which is an autoimmune disease.This disease struck me in the prime of my life. In my case it might have all started with a combination of a virus and antibiotics.

After I had been diagnosed with this disease, my life wasn't the same. Years prior to that I was a healthy and active girl that loved to travel and help others to learn about the Bible. I  wanted to become a flight attendant and to travel all over the world and to meet new people. I had hopes and dreams like any other girl.

After many years of taming the beast I was able to function somewhat as a normal girl. Then about 4 years later everything changed again. That was when I had my first strep throat infection. At that time I was living in Illinois. I was given antibiotics. This "doctor's assistance" had also prescribed a high dose of a Thyroid medication, which almost killed me. Another doctor later told me that I didn't need that medication at all.

So again my immune system was compromised and I started to feel sick again.

Then came the roller coaster ride.

After that last episode I developed IBS and Crohn's disease. Trust me having both of these diseases is like having a two headed Loch Ness monster living inside you!

In my personal experience Crohn's has been the worst one for me. With Lupus I was to able to figure the right treatment for me. And within 6- 8 months the wolf hibernated.

Trying to figure out the best way to treat Crohn's was and it still is difficult and very frustrating. One reason is because one day you may eat on particular food and you are okay. But then two weeks later that same food may trigger a response. I have problems especially with eggs, meats, fruits, vegetables, and the list goes on and on.

I have had Crohn's for the past 7 years. I have tried all sorts of things. Some things were good and other things were not to good. At then end I still couldn't figure out how to tame this beast completely.

Several years ago I found a great alternative doctor here in my home town. At that time Crohn's was slowly eating me away. This doctor saved my life with. IV fluids and this natural treatment that helped my stomach start healing again. After a while I was able to enjoy food again and to have a social life without having to run to the bathroom all the time.

While I was getting better I again had to deal with another blow to my health. In a matter of one year I was involved in three car accidents. The last one totaled our car. And it gave both my husband and I herniated disks. Which at times it makes it hard for me to do any physical activities.

Going back to my throat infection during my cruel Summer days. I thought that this throat infection was going to last a week or so. And then I would get better.

Boy, I was wrong!

This infection ended up making my Crohn's, IBS, and perhaps it awoke my Lupus again. And that was when I ended up going to the E.R.

At the E.R. they ran some test here and there. After they didn't find anything major, they said that I should follow up with my doctor.

Unfortunately for the past three years I have had no medical insurance. Also I haven't had a chance to visit with my natural doctor since my husband first lost his job.

So that was when I decided to come up with a new game plan. I wasn't going to allow this thing to continue taking the upper hand.

I am thrilled to say that this past week I finally came across a natural product that helps folks who have Crohns, Celiac, IBD, and other similar diseases. I have hope that medicine will bring me relief. I can't wait to start the treatment!

The reason why I wanted to blog again during my healing process was because I have missed it. Retro living is one of my favorite things that I love talking about. When you are at home all day with no energy and having to deal with constant pain you start feeling sorry for yourself.

There are times that it is a struggle to get out of bed and to fix breakfast. And to top things out. my house chores are done when it is necessary. Not been able to clean the house the way I am used to drives me bananas! Cooking, clean dishes, and laundry are the only priority right now. And sometimes they are not even done! And the rest of the house just have to wait.

How I wish to have Mary Popins over to bring back some order in my home!

Having to enjoy time with friends and family has also been a lifeline for me. They all have supported me through out this whole ordeal. And I am very thankful for that!

For me the best joy that I could ever feel is to share with my neighbors the hope of a better world.You might one day see me at your door and I will say, "Hello how are you? My name is Carmen Johnson  I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and I am here today to share with you about a future were sickness and death will be no more."

Like the miners that were trapped in Chile, who thanked God for sustaining them. That hope and faith in God has sustained me through this ordeal and my entire life!

I thank you all for your support and well wishes!

Now let's have fun!


Carmen Johnson

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