Monday, September 28, 2009

Cat Eyes, Baby!

Meow, I just love cat eye frames! Cat Eye glasses is a must have for any retro wardrobe. Cat Eye glasses are for me the most alluring of all glasses. Think of that librarian that doesn't seem to know anything about fashion. She loves to wear conservative clothing, comfortable pumps and a scarf around her neck. But then there was that one item that stand out, it was her cat eye glasses. You thought she was only book smart. Then you noticed that all of this time she knew how to dress fashionably. And that her wearing cat eye glasses was all the sparkle she needed, nothing more, nothing less.

These black pair of glasses are perfect for that smart and yet sassy girl!

These pretty gold ones reminded me of Lisa Loeb's cat eye glasses.

Are you the daring type of gal? These rhinestones glasses will be the one for you!

Have a great week!




Ms. B said...

I love cat eyes! That last pair is out of this world! I would love to have them, alas can't afford them at the moment :(

Carmen Johnson said...

Hello Ms. B,

You might able to find a nice retro pair for a more affordable price. I for one, have spotted some at several thrift stores.

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