Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Home, Away From Home

One of our favorites get away places that my hubby and I love to go is Saint Augustine, Florida. This town is such a romantic place. Whenever we go there, I get the feeling of that honeymoon excitement all over again!

I wanted to share with you these lovely pictures of Casa Monica Hotel in Saint Augustine. This hotel is one of my favorite hotels in Saint Augustine. This building was constructed in 1888 and was restored to its original beauty in 1999.

Saint Augie is one of the oldest town in the United States. I love walking through their boulevards and enjoy seeing the old buildings and houses. The city of Saint Augustine mainly has Spanish architecture, which reminds me so much of my home town of Valencia, Venezuela. Eventhough I lived most of my life in Florida, a part of me is still in Venezuela my birth place. So whenever I visit Saint Augustine I get excited. This place is pretty much for me a home away from home!

ast year when we went to Saint Augie for our wedding anniversary we found out that our favorite small quaint hotel had been torn down. After driving a while and being that we where tired and sleepy we ended up in a not so nice abode.

At first we figured that it didn't really matter if the hotel was not attractive, because we were planning on only coming to the hotel to sleep. How wrong we were! That hotel was not only bland, but it was not "Monk" worthy. The minute that I lay down on the bed, I felt like there were creeping crawlers all over my skin. I tried to be as composed as possible, though I couldn't hide the fact that my skin was red and itchy.

For the whole night my poor husband was looking all over the bed and blanket for bed mites, which I was sure were there, but happened to be hiding from us. That night we ended up buying new pillows and bed covers. Trust me I wasn't a happy wifey that night.

After that trip to Saint Augie, my husband had promised me, that next time we go that we would stay at a nice hotel. I would love to stay at the Casa Monica Hotel sometime. Though I know that we wouldn't be able to afford even a night at this hotel. Even though my husband promised something so sweet like this, for me it doesn't really matter where we stay, as long as we are together!

Now that is priceless!

Have a lovely weekend!



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