Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Laundry Day

One of my worst pet peeve happen to be dirty laundry! It just drives me nuts- bananas- crazy when we are down to the bear minimal of clean clothes choices to wear for that day. For the past three months I have been behind in my regular laundry routine, and it's getting to be so embarrassing. And it's not that I have become a lazy housewife. It just that it has been a series of laundry malfunctions. And this is how this smelly thing started:

First: Our dryer broke. We have an old stackable washer and dryer. And one day when I was drying my towels the spinner stopped working. And that was the end of the dryer.

Second: My husband tried to fix the the dryer. That meant that the washer part of the stackable was not in service also. So for several days we couldn't do any laundry. When things started to pile up like Mount Everest, we resorted to our friendly neighborhood laundromat, which truthfully I am not crazy about, but I rather have clean clothes than having a pile of smelly clothes in our closet!

Third: Our car broke down! Now that in itself was a nightmare. My poor husband couldn't make it for a job interview and we ended up again with a pile of dirty laundry. Yikes, here we go again! With no car we couldn't go to our friendly neighborhood laundromat. And our stackbale had its wires hanging out. So after a week my hubby decided that the dryer part of the stackbale was not worth fixing. He finally put it back together. And again I was able to start washing clothes. But because we didn't have a dryer I had to hang the clothes outside, like the old fashion way.

Forth: The first time that I started to hang our clothes in our yard, I felt like a fifties housewife. It was a great feeling being outside and enjoying nature while doing housework. So one day while I was in the kitchen I thought that I heard rain. And sure enough when I looked outside, the first thing that I thought was my laundry. The rain got most of our clothes wet and smelly. So I had to end up washing that load again.

Fifth: My brother and his wife have moved with us recently. They have given us their brand new washer and dryer, which made me smile with glee! Though for us to connect the dryer to the wall unit we have to buy a converter thing. So in the meanwhile we had to still hang our clothes. One day when my brother saw me running outside in the rain to get our clothes, he suggested that I should dry our clothes in the garage. Drying the clothes in the garage was the best household tip that I have ever heard! And especially coming from my baby brother was sure amazing. The car garage acts like a hot oven, which makes the clothes dry quicker. And the best thing about it, my clothes is not getting rained on!

This week though I have been crazy busy so our laundry was a tad behind, so after finishing this post, I will be on my way to finish my laundry for this weekend. So that way comes Monday, my husband will have a clean pair of undies to wear!

And when my laundry is finished, I will be the happiest housewife in the world!



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Love your thing though, you always sign off with's actually spelled Ciao.

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