Saturday, August 08, 2009

I Don't Love Cooking?

This weekend we finally went to see Julie & Julia , and we loved it! This movie was exquisitely delightful. Meryl Streep was wonderful in playing Julia Child! Most of us know Julia Child from her T.V cook shows. She taught people for many years the art of cooking. But who really was Julia Child, you might have asked yourself? Who was that woman behind her pots and pans wearing her apron and pearls around her neck? And how did she got to be that great chef?

Julia and her husband lived in Paris back in the 40's. Julia loved Paris! She loved the warm, friendly people of Paris. Julia's husband was known for his sophisticated palate. And it was him that introduced his wife to fine cuisine. So they both loved going to the different Parisian restaurant and savoring the foods and ... what am I doing! I don't won't to spoil the movie for you! So you just have to go and see the movie.

So anyhow I want to tell you what happened after we saw the movie.

After leaving the movie theater I was so inspired! I told my husband that I can't wait to go home and start cooking like a chef. I told him that I just love cooking.

My husband then looked at me and said,

" You, love cooking? You don't love cooking. If you loved cooking you will do it all the time."

" I love to cook. I love to learn to do different recipes. And experiment different things," I said.

"You might "like" to cook. But you don't love it."

"I don't love cooking?"

"Was this true?" I asked myself. I have always wanted to be the perfect housewife that love to cook. Cooking is one of the most important thing in being a housewife. Here I was feeling like a featherless chicken ready to be gutted. Then as I thought more and more about my feelings about cooking. I came to realize that I find cooking interesting. But I didn't find it that interesting- crazy- exciting-drooling- over- it- kind- of- thing . No wonder Time Warp Wives documentary was so inspiring for me. Deep down inside, I wanted to truly love every aspect of being a housewife, that will include cooking.

Than reality sat in. "I don't love cooking."

I felt ashamed of not really loving to cook. Just thinking about this, makes my stomach feel yucky.

Don't get me wrong. Most of my housewives duties I truly enjoy. And there are things that I wish that I could do better. Like for instance, washing dirty dishes right after supper. Now that is something that I don't like doing. I have to confess, I am guilty of leaving greasy plates and pans in the sink until the next day! It is hard sometimes to keep up with my dishes. And there are several reasons they don't get done.

1- I don't have a working dish washer machine.

2- I have a herniated disk on my back after having three car accidents in one year. Standing in one place for ten minutes is very painful.

3-My husband use to help me with the dishes. But lately he hasn't. And I feel that this is my duty and not his. I know, I am old fashion when it comes to certain things.

So I might not absolutely love to cook . And I definitely hate washing dishes. I still don't want to give up in that one day I will be able to start Mastering The Art of French Cooking. So even though me and Julia Child don't share this enthusiasm of cooking, she did have something in common with me. And that is our love for Paris!

So Bon Appetite to you!



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