Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why Can't a Woman be More Like a Man?

Many years ago my hubby said that he wanted his own room, a guys room. So when we bought our first house and he got his guy room, he was the happiest hubby in the world! For a male it is very important to have a place to unwind and be themselves, where they don't have to think, or have to analyze things. I have always thought about that a man's brain is like a computer that needed to reboot, so that is can function better.

What about us gals? Why can't we give ourselves permission to unwind? I am not only talking about relaxing in a physically kind of way, but mentally. Do you find yourself going through a "to do list" in your mind, while you and your hubby are having a romantic time together? I know what you mean, you don't have to explain, I have been there! And it is just unacceptable.

Recently I found out the answer to this million dollar question, "Why do women worry too much?"

And the answer is, our brain. Yes, ladies, scientist have recently discovered that the area where the brain registered the worry factor that is much more developed in women than in men. They actually showed a comparison picture of the female and male brain and showed that the female worry factor was the size of a pear, while the male was more like a size of a grape.

Now, and that doesn't stop there. Have you gals find that if you had a argument with your significant other that you stay upset longer even after several hours later when the matter have been resolved?

ladies, there is another scientific explanation for that. The reason why females stay upset longer than their male counterpart is because of chemicals. It seems like the "upset chemical" stays longer in our bodies, than that of a guy. Go figure, no wonder I am such a unhappy worrywart, unlike my happy hubby, who knows how to really relax and have a good time, and say, "Ain't nothing but a thing."

Boy, I am jealous!

This reminds me of the song in the movie of My Fair Lady where professor Higgins sang, "Why can't a woman be more like a man?"

And the answer is, well I supposed that it would be very boring and what would be the fun of that?

So here I am in my Paris room and giving myself permission to unwind.

It's good to once in a while to think like a guy, relax and take it easy and without a care in the world, but then of course somebody have to do the worrying. And I am afraid that that would be me!

Oh, well I can't help it, I am a girl!



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