Thursday, August 20, 2009

Time and Reality

I have been always fascinated with clocks. The mechanical aspects of how clocks works have always intrigued me. Besides how the clocks work I enjoy watching and hearing it's sound. As a fan of all things old, I love walking down a city street and seeing an antique clock. There is something nostalgic about an old street clock that a digital clock can't beat, and that is beauty!

Have you ever been to Down Town and admired that digital clock on a building? And said, " wow, that's a fine looking digital clock." It's true that a digital clock is easier to read. And especially in the hectic society that most of us live in, many of us don't have the time to stop and read time.
And what's even more crazier than that, is that we don't even take time to stop and enjoy life, the real things of life! When was the last time that you actually stopped and smell a rose, or any flower for that matter?

It's sad that most of us don't enjoy things that make our lives truly enjoyable. And what makes things worst, it that our lives have not only become hectic, but that at the same time our lives are filled with non- essential things, that keeps us from enjoying the real things of life. People don't sit down anymore at the diner table and enjoy a meal together. Instead everyone seemed to be more in tuned to the t.v., computer or talking on the cell-phone instead to interacting with the people around them.

When I saw these pretty clocks it reminded me of the"Alice in Wonderland" movie when the rabbit said, "I am late I am late for a very important date". The rabbit on the movie didn't have time to spend around and talk to Alice, at the same he was running late for his important date. So the rabbit wasn't really here, nor there. His rushed time schedule didn't allow him to enjoy special time. He was too busy to think what really matter to him.

This weekend I am going to do just that. I have a very important date to attend. I am going to spend quality time with friends and family in learning about the real purpose of life and the universe.

Its great to keep on the watch about the most important things of life!

Take time to smell the roses!




MissRedLips said...

so true! thank you for the reminder to stop and enjoy the important things. and i completely agree about the clocks. i love big grandfather clocks in the house!

Carmen Johnson said...

Thanks MissRedLips,

I appreciate your comment! I know that I have to take time out every week for the most important things in life, and that means no cell-phone allowed!

Have a great weekend!


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