Monday, August 24, 2009

An Interview with Lorelei Lee!

I love retro photography and I am always looking to interview ladies that love dressing retro. So when I saw Lorelei Lee's lovely retro pictures I didn't want to pass the opportunity to interview her!

When I interviewed this gal, I found out that she had other passions in life besides fashion photography. Here it was a young wife waiting for her husband to come from oversees and be reunited with him again. Reading about her love for her husband and their strong marriage was like reading a love story!

And here is part of her interview:

“I love wearing vintage, listening to old music, watching old films, and dancing. But I also love taking care of my husband and making sure he is comfortable.”

As a teenager, Lorelei Lee started buying antique dresses. Years later she is an Antique Dealer, a wife and a homemaker. She loves the clothes from Gone With the Wind, the handsome and rugged Clark Gable and the soulful Billie Holiday.

For the past year, her husband has been overseas serving in the Navy, so right now a typical day is a tad different than it will be when her husband comes home. But on a typical day she would take her dogs out for their morning walk, then tidy up the house before heading out to search for antiques at auctions or garage sales. “That can sometimes take all day. But its worth it when you find that perfect piece.”

You can read more of Lorelei Lee interview at: Time Warp Wives

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