Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Needle and Thread

Here is my Singer Circa 1960's sowing machine. I know she is a little thing. Though even she is modest in size, she works like a speedy train!

Several years ago, I took the biggest project ever, and that was to re-upholstered my sofa. I had a basic understanding of doing it, though I didn't know how tedious it was going to be. So a dear friend kindly helped me with my project. She not only taught me how to sew and re-upholstered my sofa, but she gave me this cute vintage sowing machine as a gift, which to this day I thank her so dearly!

And you know what? We re-upholstered my entire sofa using my Singer! This machine is not only fast, but she is tough! She was able to sow thick fabric with pipping and all. I am telling you she is a tough cookie!

There are a lot perks about my Singer machine. The first thing is that it is small and easy to carry. And for a petite delicate person like myself, I don't carry or lift anything that is 5 pounds heavier. Though there are times, that my back will not permit me even to take her out of her box. So that is when super hubby comes to the rescue.

This Summer I have taken a new hobby of doll making! I have a friend that used to make dolls for a living. And she is teaching me basic techniques. As you know I am a sophisticated girl that have a passion for fashion. So when I brought these silky materials to my friend's house she said, "Oh, you don't want to use your best fabric for your first doll. It will take you several tries until you get your doll perfected."

I have yet to finish my first doll. I can't wait to see how pretty she will turn out to be. And even if she turn out looking a little funny or even a little ugly she will be my precious baby!

Have a nice day!



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