Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Polka-Dots

Here is me in my Paris room and posing with my favorite wrapper polka-dot dress! I think every girl that loves to wear vintage should have a polka-dot dress. I personally love a black dress with white polka-dots. I think it is much more elegant than a white dress with black polka-dots.

The wrapper dress is so versatile and forgiving. No matter if you gain a few pounds here, or there, it will still fit your figure! Also my dress is made out of a silky material with a touch of spandex, which requires no ironing. Perfect for a busy girl!

To add a punch of color to my outfit, I wore my wine satin wrap three-inch heels. Now I am ready to go dancing!

My whole ensemble!

*Black & white polka-dot dress~ Newport News.
*Wine satin wrap shoes~ Bakers.
*Silky black long gloves~ Mall.
*White small pearl earrings~ My parents! So perfect!



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