Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie

I have always been so fascinated with miniature things. I just don't know why. Could it be because I always heard my mom telling me when I was growing up: "Good things comes in small packages?"Or perhaps because I ended up being a petite person that I came to appreciate little things?

Or was it that, I was somehow brainwashed by watching Mr. Rogers? "Is a beautiful day in the neighborhood." Didn't you just love the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. When going through that tiny little town you just could imagine yourself being there.

Aren't these miniature cities super cute? I always wanted to construct my own miniature city. Several years ago I started collecting some miniature furniture. I also had a doll house that I wanted to remodel. Though after a while that hobby kind of fizzled out.

But don't worry though, for all of you miniature enthusiastic out there. I have rekindled my love for little things again! I have to admit though, that my love for miniature things started again thanks to reality shows! Not all reality shows. The shows that I am referring are about little people. And they are: Little People Big World & the new one The Little Couple, from TLC.

So right after I finish writing this post I will be wearing my comfy pajamas and laying down on my comfy couch and turning on to my The Little Couple T.V. show.

I don't know how and why I started my love for little things. Though we all have to admit there is a cuteness about things that are little.

Good nighty nite!

These lovely Photos are by Martin Palmer. Creative Commons Flickr.

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