Friday, June 26, 2009

An Interview with Stephanie Strowbridge!

The interview that I had with Stephanie was exciting for me for two reasons. First, I was so thrilled to interview such a talented woman that specializes in retro hairdo's! And second, this was the commencement of my Retro Reporting career!

Here in The Retrochic Corner, I will be featuring every month an interview
that I am sure will inspire you!


“I would describe myself as a Timewarpian. I definitely stick out like a sore thumb! But that is OK with me!”

Stephanie Strowbridge specializes in hair styles from 1930's-1960's. Besides being a part-time hairdresser, she is also a busy wife and mother. Stephanie is a huge fan of Vincent Price, she loves watching classic movies, and almost always wears a scarf.

Read more of Stephanie's interview

at: Time Warp Wives!

See you next week!

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