Monday, June 15, 2009

Beauty School Dropout

The Pink Ladies.psd 3 copy
This is my Retro Pop Art "Beauty School Dropout" design ! I got the inspiration from the movie "Grease". I always felt embarrassed for Frenchie when her hair turned pink. It seems like the poor girl wasn't fit to become a hair dresser after all. So with that in mind I wanted to draw pink hair dyers from a beauty salon. I repeated the chair to add that Pop Art feel. Though to add interest I used different colors of pink for every chair. I also added a mirror as a backdrop which is another item found in a beauty salon. And that's how my "Beauty School Dropout"was made!

So for all of those girls out there that have ruin their own hair or had others ruin it for them. Make sure to ask for a beauty hair credentials next time you go for a hairdo. Or else "better forget it, who wants their hair done by a slob?"

Here is my "Beauty School Dropout" jumbo tote bag!
Click the bag to visit my Bohemian Girl Shop.

Tips in how to choose the right hair color: Time Warp Wives Beauty

Beauty School Dropout by Carmen Johnson © 2008-2009

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