Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I Am a Retro Reporter

Barbara Walters scoot over, I am the new reporter in town! Don't worry Mrs. Walters, I am not going to take your job. I am not a regular reporter. I am a Retro Reporter.

I started my new Retro Reporting career in 2008, after I had watched the British Documentary "Time Warp Wives." I was so captivated by what I saw, that I created a website where I could interview and meet people that have that passion for that old school lifestyle.

So how do I do it? I research people online that have that unique retro talent and lifestyle. I email them an invitation. Then if they are interested. I send them their interview questions. After the interview is completed I post the interview on my Time Warp Wives website.

Recently, I raised up the notch on my retro reporting with my new film company RetroTimes Productions. I am a huge fan of the Samantha Brown travel show from the Travel Channel. I always dreamed of going all over the world like Samantha. But at this moment that is out of my reach.

What would this Retro Reporter do? This reporter worked with what she has. And I had Florida, the fun state of the world! I was raised in Miami, Florida most of my life. So I know what we have here in Florida. I don't think this state is big enough to host all of these events!

If you haven't been to Miami Beach you have missed the best experience of your life. In the last 10 years this place have become the new Hollywood. Where things are happening or are going to happen. And as far as Arts, Movies, Music, Fashion and Events. This huge melting pot of culture and flavors, is where the action is! Here is where I will be able to meet my future interview guests!

How does it feel to be a Retro Reporter?

I love people. And I love listening to their stories. As a little girl I always asked one my favorites uncles to tell me a story. I would sit down quietly in expectation of what story he was going to tell me. Every time I interview one of my guest, it brings me great satisfaction. This has been one of the most rewarding job that I have done, that of interviewing people and learning about their life stories. And what an experience it has been!

Stay tuned, as I bring to you more interviews and films!

This is Carmen Johnson reporting,

for RetroTimes Productions.

True Fact: When I used to live in Miami Beach, I lived 15 minutes from the Bee Gees mansion. I grew up listening to the Bee Gees. Sorry, for all of us that don't care much for the seventies. But I couldn't help it. My parents where Flower Disco Children and they sure loved their music. And to tell you the truth when I listen to those Bee Gees, I get up and dance!

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