Friday, June 12, 2009

Viscaya Museum & Gardens


I give Viscaya five pink roses for being my favorite dreamy place of South Florida. Viscaya is tucked away like a secret Renaissance Italian garden in north Coconut Grove. As you walk in the castle you are welcomed by it's intricate landscapes and gardens. Then as you continue walking the castle sits as a beautiful jewelry box ready to be explore.


As you open the jewelry box you will find an array of exquisite treasure rooms that host furniture, paintings, art pieces from all over Europe, North America and Asia. Every room has it's own unique style and function. Just imagine hosting a banquet party back in the 1920 where your guest can choose to either sit in the tea room or in the music room or just explore the outdoor gardens by the bay. And if some guests decided to stay overnight there were several lovely comfortable rooms to choose from.


Viscaya also can be rented for private parties and photo shoots. Viscaya is so picturesque that it's a perfect backdrop for even the least experienced photographer. You can also enjoy the many concerto events and exhibitions all throughout the year. Group and school tours are welcomed. And one of may favorite perks of Viscaya is that it has it's own café and shop. Their menu includes salads, sandwiches, refreshments and desserts. And while your there you can shop for postcards, books and jewelry. So Retrochic!

Have a fun weekend!



For more information click on the following link: Viscaya Museum

Photographs by Bill Sumner.


Kevin Gannon said...

That place is stunning. Right up my alley. All it needs is Oscar Wilde, a bottle of good red wine and a few packs of cigarettes and I would call that heaven...

Balpreet said...

i have never been out of my country but have a dream to visit exotic places like miami.
and hey thanks for visiting

Carmen Johnson said...

Thanks Kevin for your lovely comment.

Balpreet, I hope that someday you might be able to explore other cities and countries around the world.

Thanks again for your comments!

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