Monday, June 29, 2009

Bows & Pin-Stripes

I have a great issue of a Bazaar Harper magazine that had Victorian girls wearing vertical stockings. I always wanted to see how a pair of vertical stockings would look on me. So I was excited when I received my stockings by mail, I just couldn't wait to try them right away!

As a petite woman, I am always trying to add some inches, either by wearing heels or a tall hairdo.

So when I first tried on my new pin-stripe stockings, I totally loved the effect! My legs looked lean and tall!

One of my favorite part of my pin-stripe stockings and my shoes are the satin bows! Aren't these cute? So Parisian!

My whole ensemble!

*Black dress ~ JCrew.
*Pin-stripe stockings~ Sock Dreams.
*Black & White t-strap shoes~ Newport.



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