Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Besame Cosmetics!

I am totally excited because I just received my very first Besame Cosmetics products! A few months ago I had the privilege in interviewing the owner and founder of Besame Cosmetics Inc, Gabriela Hernandez. When I read how much thought went into making theses products, I wanted to try them myself. And I have to tell you that I am a very HAPPY customer!

Over the years I have tried different kinds of beauty products, and I have never used anything like Besame Cosmetics! These products are 100% luxurious! From the beautifully retro designed packaging, to the very lush quality of the products itself, there are no comparison!

Did you know that Besame Cosmetics are the only reproduction beauty products there is? That is why you can't find anything like this.

I couldn't keep all the excitement to myself. So I wanted to share with you my little treasure!

So here is what I got:

  • Red Velvet: Voluptuous Lip Cololur
  • Signature Compact with Cashmere Pressed Powder/ Medium
  • Peacock Blue Shadow
  • Black Pear Shadow

This is my new and now favorite compact! I was blown away by the porcelain affect this powder had on my skin! You won't need to apply foundation with this compact, which is excellent for that girl on the run! Also, Isn't she a doll? What I love is that both my compact and my eye shadows come with their own red velvet pouch. Such glamours girls, just like their mom!

My Red Velvet lipstick is now one of my favorites lipstick! When I first tried this lipstick I couldn't believe how lush it was! The coverage was excellent! I also love the yummy chocolaty scent it has. My lipstick came with it's own lip liner and a little brush applique. And she also came with her own velvety black pouch.

Last but not least, this is that perfect retro eyeshadow that I have been looking for! When I finished applying my new Besame Cosmetics eyeshadow, I immediately felt that it completed and complemented my retro look! I knew that it was a keeper!

I am thrilled to announce that I am a new Besame Girl! So if you any questions about these beautiful products or if you would like to sell them in your beauty salon you can contact me at anytime! My email is:

And if you would like to purchase these products for yourself you may visit: Besame Cosmetics.



Photos: Copyright © 2010 Carmen Johnson.

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