Sunday, January 24, 2010

Retro Barbie Doll!

I always wanted to start my own retro Barbie doll Collection. And for the past several years Barbie Reproduction Dolls have been making a comeback, which is great for any who is starting to collect them! I am not thinking to have a big collection. I like to keep things simple and easy to manage. Though I would still like to have a couple of dolls, dresses, and retro accessories.

I think I will start my collection with the Barbie's 50 Anniversary Doll. This Barbie has always been my favorite! I love her stripe bathing suit. She also comes with her cocktail black dress and shoes. She is a Classic!

They other day I realized that I lost my favorite umbrella. I wanted to get an umbrella that was both retro and chic. And sure enough when I saw this cute Barbie umbrella on my Avon Page, I immediately added to my wish list!

The neat thing about Barbie is that at times she is featured in neat products. Here Barbie is being featured in Stila cosmetics! I think it's so retrochic!

Recently I came across Michelle Phan's Barbie Transformation Tutorial. She has become one of the most popular girl's in Youtube! Her Barbie video is of a modern Barbie look, which was pretty neat. But if you would like to see a vintage Barbie transformation you should see Johanna Öst Barbie look. I think she did a phenomenal job looking like a real life vintage Barbie!

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