Friday, January 08, 2010

Winter Break & Frozen Strawberries

I hope that you enjoyed your winter break, because I totally enjoyed mine! Can you believe that it was 27 degrees the other day here in Florida. I thought for sure that we were going to have another warm winter. I had taken out all of my pretty winter accessories, and thinking that I might use it once or twice. Boy was I wrong! I am so excited to wear all of my winter outfits eveyday for the past three weeks. Now I am an expert in fashion layering!

Besides enjoying the free air-conditioning, I have enjoyed my free relaxation time. So that is why you haven't seen me around. I have about three major websites, besides my film company and this personal blog. And it is alot of work to maintain them all . Us bloggers also need some time off from writing. It's good for the mind to reboot. But then as a creative person I still continue getting ideas even while I am vacationing. And I think that is when you come up with the best ideas.

The only bad thing about this winter blast here in Florida, is that the strawberries grove is getting hit by the freezing temperatures. It's funny because I have been craving a strawberry banana smoothie for the past two days. Good thing that I have kept some in my freezer. I just need some bananas.

Save the strawberries!



Photo:Flickr Creative Commons jim68000

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