Sunday, January 31, 2010

An Interview with Johanna Öst!

One day, when I was looking for retro inspiration online I stumbled upon my next interviewee Johanna Öst! At a first glance when I first saw Johanna's photos she reminded me of Marilyn Monroe. Then as I looked closer I realized that she also resembled Shirley Temple. I won't be surprised that this girl will one day get Hollywood's attention.

This girl from Sweden is not only pretty, but she is very talented and very creative. Johanna arts and illustration are well-known throughout the internet. She is also a history student at her University. And she speaks fluent Swedish and English, and a bit of French.

This gal loves clothes, beauty, and vintage fashion. She started "The Wardrobe Project," to clean out her wardrobe, which I thought was a fun and clever idea for any girl to do. Johanna incorporated every garment into a great outfit, in which she would take a picture of. Now she has a catalog of great outfits for inspiration.

And how she loves Disney and Barbie!

Here is my interview with Johanna Öst:

I've always had this wish to have a 'glamorous' life, which pretty much meant wearing pretty vintagey and princessy outfits all the time, but I never felt like I could give up all the other great clothes that didn't fit that aesthetic. Then my style sort of naturally evolved into that ideal anyway."

Johanna loves clothes, beauty, and vintage fashion. She said that she loves lots of other styles as well, but that she feels the the vintage style is the ultimate for her. As long as she can remember Johanna always loved looking through old magazines and pictures and the typical glamorous 50's and 60's bombshell has always been something of an aesthetic ideal to her.

We asked Johanna what her dream job would be. "I would love to be able to live more comfortably off my art and illustration work, but I'd also love working at a museum with historical clothing. Ideally I'd do both."

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