Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tiffany's & Blue Eye Mask

God morning Holly!
God morning Holly! by vivien22

These winter blues have finally caught up with me. I totally feel like Holly from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Almost every morning I have been sleeping in until my doggie wakes me up. But instead of strolling down Fifth Avenue and admiring pretty jewelry at Tiffany's, I am strolling down my hallway to my Paris Room and getting my soft blanket, which I bring over to the living room so I can lay on the couch again.

You know that I have felt so relax lately. For several months I had been dealing with stress and sadness that seem not to go away. So I felt that I had to make some changes in how I deal with stresses in life. And trust me there is plenty of crazy stressing things out there for everyone to share.

With the help of my hubby and past experiences I came up with my own anti-distressing to do list. And here it is:

1- Bible Reading Everyday. I have been a good girl in not skipping breakfast and my Bible reading. Reading the Bible is very powerful and comforting at the same time.

2- Can't Watch News. Sorry Anderson Cooper. This one was very hard for me, because I am a girl that cares for what is happening in the world. Though whenever I finished watching the news my mood will go from feeling blue to clinical sadness. Not a good thing.

3- Stretches, Exercise, & Massages. This is a must for me, especially that I had to deal with a back injury from several car accidents. At my therapist I learned some pilates. If I don't do stretches everyday, I am in pain and pretty much miserable. Also I started to do some indoor exercise with my stationary bike. And when the weather is comfortable I take my doggie for a run on my three wheel Bike. We both come back home feeling renewed. Every week I ask hubby for a massage. Even when I don't plan one, it seems like I always need one every seven days.

4- Thinking Positive. Sometimes you can be your worst enemy. And when you are feeling the blues, "Misery likes company". So whenever my thoughts or words start coming out negative, I immediately change the channel. I try to keep my self busy with fun positive things that make me feel relaxed and happy. Although there are times when you can't control the world around you. You can still control how your mind deals with such things. For me this is the most difficult thing in my list.

5- I have to go to bed early. I am still working on that. Hubby comes back from work late at night. And I and doggie stay up waiting for him.

So far these steps has truly helped me. And I feel happier!

This pass week I saw
Breakfast at Tiffany's again. I said again because I just finished watching the whole movie a few weeks ago. Then there was Holly all sleepy when she opened the door to "Fred, Baby". And that is when I realized how cute were her Tiffany Blue Eye Mask! I totally love the eye lashes and gold trim! And also she had these stylish looking ear plugs. I actually found a similar eye mask and ear plugs. I have yet to decide if I want to purchase them, or if I can make my own. I think that it would be a good project to do. Anyhow I am too sleepy right now to make a decision.

Darling, I have to tell you that wearing pajamas all day is all so liberating!




Sonia said...

Agree on the news front. I can't watch it anymore without feeling totally hopeless and depressed. Sometimes I feel like an ignoramus but it's better then hating the world. : }

Carmen Johnson said...

Hi Sonia,

I appreciate your comment in that you said, "Sometimes I feel like an ignoramus". I have always felt that if I ignored things that I didn't really care. But there is so much that I can do. For me to be able to function properly and be able to help others I needed to take care of my well being.

By the way I love your new blog!



Sonia said...

Thanks, Carmen! I look forward to reading more of your fiction, too!
Have you see the blog about the girl's diary during ww2? I think you'd like it!

Carmen Johnson said...

You welcome, Sonia!

I am happy that you love my fiction! I have already written the next episode, I just need my editor to review it.

No I haven't heard of the girl's diary during ww2. Would you please be kind enough to send me the address to the blog.



Sonia said...

Sure! Here you go!

Carmen Johnson said...

Thanks Sonia for sending the link.

Have a great week!

Sara said...

Love your blog! I'm looking for a stylish eye mask and earplugs. Where did you find yours?

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