Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rainy Day in Paris

This same painting I have in my living room. When I first say this painting I knew that it was coming home with me. I have always loved raining days! I just find rain so refreshing. After it rains doesn't the air smell nice? It is something that has made me feel so alive!

This painting is called "Rainy Day, Paris Street", and it was painted by Gustave Caillebotte in 1877. Ever since I bought this picture I always wondered where the artist got his inspiration for his art piece.

And here it is:

This is Gare Saint-Lazare which is one of the six large terminus train stations of Paris. The Gare Saint-Lazare has been represented in a number of artworks. It attracted artists during the Impressionist period and many of them lived very close to the Gare St-Lazare during the 1870s and 1880s. Some of these artist were: Édouard Manet, Jean Béraud, and Claude Monet.

So today it happened to be pretty cloudy almost like it wanted to rain. It wasn't rain that had come, but it actually got chilly today here in Florida! And can you believe that I didn't take my coat with me. After half an hour later being in the cold I felt underdressed. After all this time of waiting for a cold front, and here I was so unprepared. I did wear a hat, knitted skirt and my closed black and white retro shoes, but it wasn't warm enough.

Tomorrow though, I am wearing my whole winter ensemble! I am so looking forward to it!



P.S. Just finished watching the movie "Rear Window" by Alfred Hitchcock. I think this is one of the best movies that he did. And Grace Kelly looked so glamours!

Photos and Research: Creative Commons Flickr & Wikipedia.

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