Monday, November 16, 2009

Sock Dreams & Inspirations

I am totally ecstatic that finally Florida is cooling off! Time to take out those warm socks. And what better than these fabulous looking socks from Sock Dreams! They are so chic and classy and there will keep your footsies warm and happy.

As a Retro Reporter I am always looking for people, places, and things that inspires me. Through Dolly Dahl, I heard about the very talented Emily Martin. This artist and designer sells her cute art collection at her Etsy store called the The Black Apple. Not only was her art inspiring, but I found that Emily had a unique sense of style.

Emily knows how to add a little whimsical flare, to her retrochic look. And one of her signature looks are these knee high socks. I totally love how she is able to pull out her unique outfits and still look ladylike and classy!

I am sure that you too will love visiting her blog!

B. ella Gigia Microfiber Trouser Socks

Liza Polka Dot Knee Socks

B. ella Alessa Argyle Trouser Socks

B.ella Lena Diamond Trouser Socks

Don't you love these Parisian looking socks?

They are sooo dreamy!



P.S. I am hoping to hear from Emily for an interview on my Time Warp Wives website. I know that her vintage fashion will inspire many.

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