Monday, November 02, 2009

Always be Remembered

This past weekend I lost my dear grandfather. My heart has been saddened this whole weekend by his passing. When I saw this picture from Creative Commons, it reminded so much of my grandfather. Even though he was very old, he was always young in heart, intelligent, and very funny. He was always ready to travel, to have fun, and enjoy life!

My grandfather loved history. His grandchildren use to love to gather around him and listened to his interesting stories. He also loved music, planting, and he sure loved to play dominoes. Whoever visited him, he would challenge them to a game. He loved a mental challenge. No wonder his mind was always sharp and alert through out his life. He was the kind of person that was always doing something. He was a busy grandpa.

One of the things that I would always cherished about him was that he loved having people around him. He loved having visitors and conversing with them. At times when he was by himself he was doing something creative.

My grandfather had a long and rewarding life. He almost lived to be 100 years old. Almost a century! He saw the raise and fall of governments, wars, and even fashion. He was around when there was no T.V. When there was shows on the radio. When T.V was first black and white and then colors. And when the internet became the new T.V. No wonder he had stories to tell us!

My grandfather worked hard while raising his family of 16 children. My family come from a humble place where water and electricity was not always available. Working in a third world country and raising a large family was hard back then. We always admired him and our grandmother for raising a big family.

My grandpa lived to see his 50 plus grandchildren and great grandchildren.

He will truly be missed by all...

We love you grandpa!




laconcha01 said...

That was beautiful. He was young at hearts and such an amazing man. We will miss him but he will always be in our hearts. We love you Abuelito R.I.P.

Carmen Johnson said...

It was hard expressing my words about abuelo. I wish that we can all be there to say goodbye.

He will be missed!

Blondie said...

I'm sorry sweetie. I am thinking about you. He is still with you. Kori xoxo

Anonymous said...

I will always remember his laughter and when he used to read the paper on his front porch. I am very proud to have been his grand-daughter and for the chance that my mom and my siblings and I had to spend time with him when he lived with us.

With love from my heart.


Anonymous said...

this letter really brought tears to my eyes, we will always remember abuelo as a loving and caring man RIP abuelo we will always love you

Carmen Johnson said...

Thanks all for your kind words of comfort. Kind words are truly a healing to the bones.

Love Always,


Kelly said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I often think about my grandfather in this way, too--how so much history will die when his generation is gone. They have stories that we could not imagine. They have gone from a time when letters and brief phone calls were the only means of communication, to a time where all the information you could ever want is at the click of a mouse. What a beautiful tribute you have here.

Carmen Johnson said...

To My Family: I love you guys always. No matter how far we live from each other, we are there for each other in these difficult times.

To Kelly: Thanks for your lovely words. Having our grandparents around is like having a living history. And when they are gone a part of ourselves and our past is gone with them.

Anonymous said...

My Grandfather was my inspiration to play the guitar. I learned a lot from him. My grandfather always smiled, and brought joy to my heart. In fact, when I was sad, he used to say something funny to cheered me up. Something that always got my attention was that he prayed everyday at 8 pm regardless of the situation he was always praying. Wow, grandpa I wish I was there next to you before you past away, but something I wanted to always tell you that I hope you will never forget, I love you abuelito.

tu nieto,

Carmen Johnson said...


Those were beautiful words for abuelo. I know how much you loved him and that you cherished those special moments with him.

Thanks for expressing your thoughts.

Love You

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