Monday, November 23, 2009

An Interview with Candice De Ville!

Whenever I watch an old Hollywood movie, I am not only enjoying the movie itself, but I am also looking for my next retro inspiration. So one day I wanted to experiment with a new retro hairdo. The problem was, how was I going to figure out the steps to achieving such a look? Well that is how I came across Super Kawaii Mama, my next interviewee!

Author of the popular blog "Super Kawaii Mama" and hostess of her own vintage hair tutorials on Youtube, Candice De Ville has made her passion for retro style and living her career.

I have enjoyed and learned new retro hairdo by watching her tutorials. Her tutorials are easy to follow and her Australian accent adds an air of sophistication, which I am sure that you will find very delightful as well!

Not only did I had the opportunity to learn a new hairstyle, but I also got to meet a lovely lady!

Here I present to you part of the interview that I had with her:

“I believe that to a great extent you create your own reality and can choose to
live in a more beautiful world, even if you do spend most of your time chasing
after two small children.”

In her blog “Super Kawaii Mama“, Candice concentrates on her own take on fashion, style and many of her inspirations. “I’ve made it my personal mission to introduce more glamour to the world, particularly the world of the stay at home mum."

Her blog also features examples of her daily outfits, health and beauty tips, styling recommendations, style icons and inspirations, as well as discussing the ethics of fashion in a wider sense. Her vintage hair tutorials came from a desire to connect with her readers. Candice wanted to demonstrate that “looking good is not all about having a lot of money or a team of stylists behind you.”

Most of the styles she started out with began as happy accidents that she refined. “I have since been studying different vintage looks I’d like to achieve and figuring out short hand ways to achieve the same styles with the wonder of modern products.”

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