Friday, November 20, 2009

Vanity Verses True Prettiness

You know how much I love having a vanity! I am the typical old fashion gal that loves sitting in front of my vanity without rushing. When I am in my Paris room it is my girly time. I can't help it, but I don't like to be rushed when it comes to my beauty routine. Folks, I need concentration when it comes to my hair and makeup. Or else I am going to end up throwing a Miss Piggy fit, and it ain't going to look pretty. That for me is what makes a true lady look her best. Not the way she looks, but the way she acts.

Have you seen the show Bridezilla? Well, no matter how pretty the brides-to-be look, they end up looking like crazed women when they throw their hissy fit. Yikes! Trust me, I had to encounter several of them in my life time.

Like it says in the Good Book, "beauty is vanity". And isn't that true, no matter how much hairspray and jewelry you are wearing! What matters is the inside beauty. That lovable, kind, and sincere person that people want to be with. That, my dear, constitutes true beauty!

If you have noticed in my Time Warp Wives website I have tried to strike a balance when it comes to beauty tips and comportment of a lady. The reason that I do that is because, like you, I have noticed a lack of decency everywhere. You walk down the streets and you see how girls dress and comport themselves. I don't want to blame this lack of decency on one particular person or community.

The society, bad parenting, and a lack of a spiritual compass, have to do in part with how children are becoming. Children learn and imitate from what they see. The things that we are surrounded with are directly or indirectly molding our little ones minds and hearts.

For instance, T.V is a major problem. You can train your child not to watch certain shows. But nowadays the regular family shows are allowing things that years ago were frowned upon. Where did the decent shows go? To whom are the television networks catering their shows? Unfortunately their biggest audience is our children!

There are still people out there that want wholesome programming that they could enjoy without having to constantly switch channels and to avoid indecent exposure. It is true that there are still T.V. channels that show, for instance, Little House in the Prairie and I love Lucy. But does that mean that we have to be stuck watching these same shows, because there is nothing good left out there to watch? Our children and we would like to watch new shows also, you know.

Now there are channels out there that cater to us women. Though what seems to me is that their most popular shows are the ones that make us women look and feel cheap. Every time that I turn around there is another new show with the same concept: Skimpy clothes, foul language, and bad manners. My question is: Where do they find these women?

Even day time regular network shows are allowing words that describe women in indecent ways. In addition, they have to constantly beep out the bad words, or fade them out, which I find very annoying and disturbing! Do I need to use my imagination to fill in the blanks? Are you kidding me? I don't find that entertaining at all!

What are we teaching our children in this generation? That it's okay to wear skimpy clothing, to be rude, and that it's funny when they use foul language? What's going to be next, that it's okay to kill? Which by the way it has become also very popular lately among teenagers. We have to stop this insanity!

One of the questions that I asked folks to answer in my Time Warp Living network site is: What would you like to bring back from the past?
More than half the people answered:





This list may be considered old fashioned, though this is what most people want. People are not animals, as if they have to act on instinct. People were created with a mind to think, to decide, and to reason. I feel for parents out there who are trying to raise a decent and productive human being, because it seems like all odds are against that. But even if that's true, you can make a difference in how you raise your family.

So it is not popular having good morals anymore. That is how Rome fell, didn't it? The very essence of society is composed of strong families that abide to decency and rules. If there is no barometer in our society, what would it become?

That is why this year I have decided to use most of my time and efforts to encourage families to again read and study the Bible. This book might be five thousand years old, but it's advice and principles are superb and never outdated. Those who follow what is written in the Bible are the best well behaved and mannered citizens that you have ever met!

I am happy to be part of the next generation of law abiding human society that will live in love, peace, and unity!



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