Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Pretty Top is Out of Stock?

I totally am looking forward to Spring! For one thing I can't wait to see what's new in Spring fashion. Right now what's in fashion is mend, alter, and cut. Pretty much you have to be your own seamstress and pray that you don't end up looking like Lucy on that episode when she made her own dress. Trust me, if that was in real life you will end up in the funny house!

So what's the other option? Well sometimes you do feel like getting something new, fresh, and unused once in a while. I am a girl that loves window shopping online and in person. When I do window shopping I get inspired, I get a work out, and at that moment I have no money!

But then there happened to be that perfect item that I totally would fall in love with. So I wait for several weeks to save up to buy it. Then after several weeks later I have reached my goal and I am ready to make my purchase. I'll run to the store or to my favorite online store, and there it is my perfect top. But then in a matter of seconds my happy face becomes a frown. There underneath my pretty top is an ugly note that reads: Out of Stock!

"What? I can't believe it. But didn't I just came to this store a few days ago and there were still selling my top?"

So then I would try refreshing the page to make sure that it wasn't a computer glitch. I would go around the store to make sure that maybe they must have that shirt in another rack. So after I looked and looked everywhere, I realized that yes my top was sold to that girl that perhaps have not a closet, but a whole room the size of my house full of clothes that she doesn't even wear!

But then do I feel defeated? No! So I go around and look for something similar to my top. I can't get all upset for a top. And plus that top may not even really looked good on me. As a matter of fact I don't even think that I really like the colors.

Then there in front of me I found another pretty top. This top has everything that I was looking for. The cut is perfect. The pattern is pretty, just the way I love it. It's in my favorite color. This is definitively the top for me!

So then later on that evening as I would leave the house with my hubby for a nite out he ask me, "That is a nice top. Where did you get it?"

"Oh this old thing. Well I got it out of my closet. I totally forgot I even had it."

"Well it's looks great on you!"

"Thank you baby!"

That sure made my day. Hubby loves my top. I didn't spend a dime. Here it was the complement that I was looking for.

In a way that "Out of Stock", can be a blessing in disguise.



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