Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Down Time with Mom!

I have been enjoying some girly down time lately. These past few weeks have been especially perfect for me because my mom is in town! I cherish every moment that I have with my mom. How I miss being near her!

In this picture my mom is caring for her brother's children. Since she was very young my mom loved taking care of others. She is that kind of person that will leave everything in a moments notice to help family and friends. And although she studied in one of the best Universities in Miami, she is the kind of person that didn't believe that a career defines a person. But that showing love and kindness to others is what really defines and makes a person special.

Mom always taught us children to enjoy the simple things in life. We learned to live with little. And to be content with what we had. And although at times things were hard for us, we always had everything that we really needed. And that was the love that we had for each other.

My mom has always been that warm blanket for me for when things get gloomy and gray. And she has been that cheerleader for me on my many dreams and endeavors in life

I think that it's so important for a girl to have somebody to trust and confine in. I am very blessed to have somebody that is not only my mother, but that is also my confidant, teacher, cheerleader, and friend!

I Love you mom!

Thanks for always being there for me!

From gatica with love!


Anonymous said...

To my loving daughter Carmen,

I give thanks to God for giving me a gift as great as you are and for being my daughter. THANKS for this loving dedication and you have filled my heart with love for infinite time forever.I am very proud of you and for your work dedication in this hard and good times. God bless you my RETRO ARTIST DAUGHTER, keep on the good work. Love always, Mom.

Anonymous said...

Hello My sister,

This is your younger Brother Orlando. This dedication was so beautiful. I am also very proud of you in your great work. You are very talented and I know people out there could see that. This is the best Retro website.

Carmen Johnson said...

I love you both very much! Thanks for always being there for me. I am very happy and blessed to have a family like ours!

Love you!

La Gatica.

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