Monday, March 08, 2010

Meet Me in Tokyo!

I have been always fascinated by the culture, food, and architect of the Orient. So that is why I designed "Meet me in Tokyo". I wanted to build a scene where a couple is enjoying a carriage ride through the city lights and buildings of Tokyo. I wanted to use three main colors for my design: red, black and metallic gray colors, to bring out the ambiance of the city colors predominantly used in Tokyo. At the end I added the lamps on the sides of the building. My
Bohemian Girl Sofie is dressed in her Kimono, and course I couldn't forget to add her flapper Bohemian Girl signature hat! Meet Me in Tokyo has an of Orient feel but with a touch of retrochic feel!

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I totally love Sushi food. So I wanted to share with you some tips and a recipe in How To Throw A Sushi Party by EHow.Com.

What you will Need:

Maki Sus
Avocados Slices
Cucumber Slices
Miso Soups
Pickled Radishes
Sushi Rice
Vinegared Ginger


1-Use a table that is low to the ground.

2-Provide pillows as chairs.

3-For each person, set out a large plate, a small plate such as a saucer, a steamed facecloth and chopsticks.

4-Set out two to three plates of prepared wasabi and vinegared ginger.

5-Provide one or two bottles of soy sauce.

6-Cut fish into sashimi slices and arrange them on large platters.

7-Provide other fillings, such as cucumber slices, avocado slices, squash and pickled radish.

8-Provide side dishes such as sunomono (pickled octopus), edamame (fresh green soybeans boiled in salted water) and miso soup.

9-Cut nori (seaweed) into 4-by-4-inch squares and stack onto two plates.

10-Provide shari (sushi rice) in a large wooden bowl.

11-Provide sake (rice wine) or Japanese beer.

12-Pass around the nori, rice and fish and have each person assemble his or her own sushi rolls.




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