Wednesday, March 03, 2010

All Cakes Considered

Lately I have been having some major craving for cakes. I don't know if it's because it's cold outside or because of hormones. But today when I went with hubby to the market and I quickly picked up a pound cake. I know that a pound cake doesn't sound that exciting. Though for me it's like a big treat!

There are several reasons why we are keeping sweets away from our home. The first reason is because of health reason. For almost over 10 years I pretty much stopped eating cakes. But it didn't mean that I couldn't try other alternatives. Though over time I also had to stopped eating sweets.

My hubby on the other hand could eat everything he wanted. And he still can. Though he is reaching that age where if he eats too much sweets he feels it the next day.

Like the other day he had bought a chocolate chip cookie at his favorite book store. And the next day he had a tummy ache. I had asked him what he had eaten the night before. After he listed all the things he ate he then added, "Oh, and I ate a chocolate chip cookie." Then I asked him, "how big was the cookie?" He said that it was a big cookie. I said, "That is probably why you are not feeling good today. Perhaps the cookie gave you a stomach ache."

What was hubby response? "Oh no I don't think it was the chocolate chip cookie, perhaps it was something else that I ate. But it wasn't the cookie." All of the sudden I felt that I was trying to reason with cookie monster. Yum, yum cookie! At the end I couldn't reason with him.

The story didn't end there. Just last week hubby again had the chocolate chip cookie from the bookstore. And guess what happened the next day. Yes, cookie monster had a tummy ache. And he wasn't happy about it. So I reminded him what had happened before. And do you think that he remembered? Not only did he forgot the incident with the cookie, but he defended it. Yes, sugar can do that to you sometimes.

That is why we refrain from buying certain sweets. It's true that once in awhile we do bring some ice cream for hubby and some Dove chocolates for me. For us it is a sweet-luxury to bring
these items into our home.

This book All Cakes Considered, is a great book for those who love to try different cake recipes. Doesn't these cakes look delicious? Although I don't bake cakes, I wouldn't mind having this book in my kitchen. Perhaps I could substitute the flour and yeast with other alternative ingredients.

Today after dinner we are having several slices of the pound cake. I will have mine with a sugar free strawberry jello. And hubby is going to have his with a sugar free pudding.

I believe in once in awhile having a sweet treat after a meal. And a lot of love in the family!



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