Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Office Secretary Outfit

A lot of gals have had to go back to the workforce. And that means one thing: Shopping time! Now because fashion seems to change in a blink of an eye and the budget is tight the best solution is then to shop for a smart classic look.

Here is my take of the office secretary classic outfit. I totally love this office secretary ensemble that I found at Mod Cloth ! The dress is by Bettie Page. And even though I don't work at an office building, I still consider myself my husband's secretary. Just a few minutes ago he asked me where his favorite pen was. Well, besides helping him look for lost items, I take care of our house budget. I pay the bills. And I make suggestions with many purchases, like finding our cute little home and our automobile.

And of course for his appreciation of my hard work he brings me flowers! Like he did yesterday.

These glamours metallic pinkish gray sandals from Zappos and made by Naturalizer will look great with your new classic secretary dress! Just remember to make sure that your toes are beautifully polished. It's important to always look presentable, no matter how crazy things get.

Now a secretary always makes sure to carry her notebook, pens, cell phone, and of course her compact powder. And what best then this powdery pink handbag by McKlein to complete the look! Now the only way that you can purchase this bag is if your boss gives you a rise. So be brave and ask for one!

Yes, gals you too can look put together with this classic secretary outfit no matter if you work at home or at the office.




Anonymous said...

I adore that dress!

Carmen Johnson said...

And I think that there might be just a few of these dresses left!

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