Thursday, February 11, 2010

Passion For Flamenco

One of my passions of all times has been flamenco! I have been fascinated with this dance since I was a little girl. Though it wasn't until I was older that I really wanted to learn it. When I was living in Miami Beach I started attending a dance school. And the moment I started my very first lesson I realized that this type of dance takes a lot of strength and energy. The next day I was sore from the tip of my head to all the way to my feet. I knew that it would take several more lessons to get my body used to this kind of dance.

After a while, like everything in life I got distracted with other pursuits. I would still though continue dancing flamenco at home and at events where they had flamenco music. I do want to one day start taking flamenco lessons again. I know that I am not as young and agile as I once was. Though I can still enjoy this amazing passionate dance at my own pace.

Oh and by the way,The Flamenco Festival 2010 is coming to New York and Miami! You will have a chance to enjoy the performances of renowned dancers and musicians from Spain. For more information you can read: Time Warp Wives February 2010 Letter.

Isn't dress spectacular? I just love the feminine details it has. I found this dress in one of my favorites website Flamenco World! Besides the clothes and shoes that you can buy there, you will find this one of the best website source of flamenco on the internet.



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