Friday, February 12, 2010

Youtube Makeup Review: Besame Cosmetics!

I finally finished editing my very first video makeup review on Youtube:
My Favorite Retro Makeup: Besame Cosmetics!

I am totally excited about this makeup that I can't stop talking about it. And what I am also excited is that finally I got to take some pictures that really showed the real color of these fabulous makeup!

Now mind you, my video didn't have good lighting, which ended up looking vintagey. So I had to add these two photos of me wearing Besame Cosmetics to the video. Now the ladies could appreciate these products.

And voila!

I can't wait to order more makeup! I know exactly what I want!

To buy these wonderful makeup I invite you to visit: Besame Cosmetics.



Photos: Copyright © 2010 Carmen Johnson.

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