Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Living in a Time Warp, story on CNN!

This past week several vintage folks and myself were featured on CNN Ireport, Living In a Time Warp! I thank Mr. Hanks for the wonderful coverage story that he did on Time Warp Wives and Time Warp Living! We absolutely enjoyed reading about the different folks and their passion for vintage living!

It's has been definitely a very exciting and crazy week for me. I seriously can't keep up with the sudden flux of emails and visitors from all over the world! I told my hubby that I would need several more hands to be able to keep up with the demand. Good thing that last month I hired new talented Time Warp Interns. Such help came at the right time!

On the other hand I don't think that I am used to all of this attention. I rather interview folks then being interviewed myself. I can't help it, but that is the reporter in me. Though I have to say that from this experience it gave me a chance to read what other people think. So yes, there were some positive comments about the story and also negative ones. Oh well, that comes with the territory.

At the same time I have several folks lined up to be interviewed, which I am totally ecstatic about!

Smile and be happy!



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