Thursday, December 10, 2009

Phonograph Gallery in Paris

I always wanted to have a phonograph! Playing an old record on a phonograph is like trying on a vintage dress, until you wear it you don't have the full vintage experience. Several months ago we went to a vintage shop and saw this beautifully elegant phonograph. And the best part of it was that it was a working phonograph! Now what are the odds of that? And of course because it was in mint working condition, and well persevered it was always very expensive.

I came across a website called "Phonogallery". They are located in Paris France, of course. They sell phonographs, gramophones, cylinders, and much more. They also sell phonograph parts, and they even repair them, which is great if you happened to buy one that doesn't work. And if you happened to be working on a project and need a phonograph, well they to rent them out! Now that is swell!

Here are some pictures from their gallery:

And if you happened to know of a nice little old lady that is giving away her phonograph, just let me know, I will send my agent over. Thanks!



Photos: on Flickr Creative Commons.

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