Friday, December 11, 2009

My Little Red Dress

Winter is finally here in the Sunshine state! And I am totally getting out my warm pretty dresses! Last Sunday when I decided to wear my little red dress, it was very cold. So I couldn't go out bare arm. That day I wore a wool gray jacket over my dress, and added my black fur.

The weather here in Florida changes drastically. One minute it is crispy cold, and then before you know it you are melting like a snow girl. For that reason, I make sure to layer with light and heavyweight clothing.

Here I am in my Paris room and modeling my little red mod dress. This sleeveless knitted dress makes me feel like little red riding hood. Going along with my mod theme, I did my bangs in a half way french twist, and left the rest of the hair loose. For accessories, I added a sterling silver pink earrings, my black sleek gloves, and a glittery belt with a black bow, that I found by the way at my favorite thrift store!

In the last two pictures you can appreciate my glittery belt better. Because the dress was a bit short for me, I added a black lacy ribbon on the bottom seam of the dress, which I think added more character to the dress!

Enjoy your weekend!



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